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Japan - two atomic bombs - a U.S.A. apology?

Recently appeared in a Japanese newspaper was an article about some Japanese students visiting a memorial in Hiroshima. It is a memorial to the dead as a result of the United States dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. There is a similar memorial in Nagasaki for the same reason. A gentleman in Japan asked if the United States should apologize for dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan.
Answer: No.


It was war, the purpose of war is to destroy as much of the enemy as possible and to cause as much destruction as possible upon the enemy. It is a sad reality of life that is the purpose of war that is why we try at all cost to avoid going to war. War results as a failure and a break down of diplomacy.

During the Second World War there was an American general named General George
Patton, and he said, paraphrase that "you do not win a war by dying for your country
you win a war by letting the enemy die for their country."

Rather simple.

Another American general during the American Civil War (1861-1865), William Tecumseh Sherman. He said that "war is hell," and when he inflicted war upon the Confederacy. He made sure that the people there knew war was hell. His reasoning was to make war as horrific as possible so the enemy once subdued would not want to go back to war again.

When the USA dropped the two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was after two battles that took place previously in that year Iwo Jima and Okinawa. This resulted in the deaths of thousands, mainly on the Japanese forces. The Japanese in Okinawa, the causalities were almost the same amount as the troops they had on the island.

They were fierce fighters refusing to surrender to the Americans. Americans thought: look the war is over in Europe, and we are finished with that, let us get this over with the war in the Pacific. The USA saw what happened on Okinawa and figured invading Japan going to be a bloodbath because they are going to have every man, women, child, civilian, and military protect the homeland. As any nation should do, protect yourselves against an invading army

The USA knew the death toll would be in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.
In addition the United States pretty much neutralized Japans war heavy industry the war making abilities. The Japanese did not roll over and play dead, they moved that industry into little portions of it into the homes of the Japanese people, which in a sense made them a target. Now put aside the casualties that were going to take place, and put aside the war production capabilities in the individual homes. Look at the third reason, the Soviet Union, the commies, the Russians were planning to or about to invade Japan. The Japanese high command and the United States knew that once the Soviets got a hold of Japan they were not going to let go of it like they did in Eastern Europe. The USA had to bring that war to a fast conclusion to prevent the island nation of Japan from being occupied in party by the Soviets.

The USA wanted democracy in Japan, not communism.

A good friend that in Tokyo who attends Waseda University wrote a very insightful article in reference to the behind the scenes activities of the Japanese High Command in the waning days of World War Two and as to the reasons for their surrender, here is the link to that excellent article:

To fellow Americans who have been the victim of a public school education in the United States within the last thirty years, hope this video does not cause you to seek
therapy because you have heard the truth here where you have not heard that in the public

As someone once wrote,

"The tragedy of war is it takes mans best to do mans worst."

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