Wednesday, January 10, 2018

“The Cove” part two

“The Cove” part two

The so-called documentary “The Cove” was released in 2009.  It was a movie about the dolphin harvest occurring in Taiji, Japan for six months a year.  It videoed the slaughter of some dolphins in the waters in an area called “the cove.”  Causing the waters to turn red with blood from the dolphins being slaughtered for food.  It is no different than the inside of any cattle slaughter house around the globe.  The difference is cattle slaughter houses are behind closed doors, while “the cove” is out in the open ideally set to be exploited by hucksters.

This make-believe documentary gave birth to a number of fringe groups claiming to “save the dolphins.”  These foreigners then descended up Taiji, photographing, videoing the dolphin activity, and also harassing the residents of this picturesque seaside hamlet. 

Groups arose such as Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians, and Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.  In 2017 Criminal Cosplay Watson the Horrible of Sea Shepherd announced the cessation of the Cove Guardians activity in Taiji no longer “documenting for the world” the dolphin activity.  The Dolphin Project remains in Taiji. 

A group formed in 2005 “Oceanic Preservation Society” – OPS, announced a goal of creating “The Cove” part 2 (The Cove 2.0).  As with the previous dolphin obsessed groups, they too are requesting money from suckers, emotional wrecks around the world to finance this sequel.  Their goal is to raise $175,00.00, as of December 19th, they raised $353.00 from ten people.     

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