Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Comfort Women statue vs. the Mayor of Osaka

Comfort Women statue vs. the Mayor of Osaka

The San Francisco City Council approved the placement of a Comfort Women statue in a public area of the city.  San Francisco enjoys a “sister city” relationship with Osaka, Japan.  Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura of Osaka said he will end the sister city relationship with San Francisco.  He called the placement of that statue as Japan bashing. 

Hooray for Mayor Yoshimura for defending the honor of Japan.  There is a Comfort Women statue in Glendale, California who enjoys a sister city relationship with a city east of Osaka called Higashiosaka-shi.  However the city of Higashiosaka is void of any politicians willing to defend the honor of Japan.  The city council refused to rescind their relationship with Glendale.  In essence their no action is an action and that action being a tacit approval of that statue.  Apparently San Francisco fell victim to the Comfort Women Mafia as did Glendale, California, and Brookhaven, Georgia. 

In South Korea Professor Park Yu-ha had to pay a fine of over $8,000.  She was found guilty of dishonoring Comfort Women.  Professor Park did this with her book “Comfort Women of the Empire.”  In this book she did not adhere to the narrative promoted by the Comfort Women Mafia.  A nation that does not protect free speech is a country lacking a democracy. 

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