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Swedish authorities kidnapped Dominic Johansson continues

Swedish authorities kidnapped 
Dominic Johansson continues

June, 2009 Christer Johansson with his wife Annie, and Dominic, their seven-year old son, board a plane in Sweden bound for the nation of India, where Annie was born.  The police enter the plan and take Dominic from his parents without a warrant.  The kidnapped child was then placed in foster care and as of this writing is still housed there away from his parents.

Why?  The crime?  What did the parents do to cause liberal Sweden to behave so shamelessly and belligerent?  Their crime was they homeschooled their child to shelter him from force-fed liberal politically correct indoctrination at a public school.  In addition the child was being taught Christian principles, shocking! 

Homeschooling and Christianity both an affront to extreme liberals.  In court a judge ruled by homeschooling the child was “socially isolated” and caused “stunt development.”  So no harm done to the child?

The parents are only allowed short supervised visits weeks apart.  During one visit the father Christer took the child home.  The father was arrested and charged with “unlawful detention” and “heavy handiness with a child.”  Hello, this is HIS child!  The mother during the visit would cry and was warned by authorities if she continued to cry her visit would be reduced.

Dominic living with strangers in foster care attends public school.  While at school being the balanced loving child he is, he hugs and kisses his classmates.  This caused the school to label his behavior as “deviant.”              

WARNING to the USA and Japan / Asia:  Extreme liberalism manifests its ugly head in Europe, e.g.: Socialism, Communism, and Political Correctness.  It then finds its way across the Atlantic Ocean to be nourished by extreme liberals in the USA.  Once fertilized in the USA, it then finds its way across the Pacific Ocean in infect Japan – BE WARNED!

There is a treaty in the UN (United Nations) titled “Convention on the Rights of the Child.”  The United States has not signed onto this treaty because the United States Senates claims this treaty will eliminate homeschooling in the United States of America.  President Barack Obama (Democrat) is urging the Senate to ratify this treaty. 

As of December 12, 2017 the child is still be held in captivity.  His parents have not seen him since 2010. 

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Anonymous said...

This is just so really sad. I hope the parents are eventually able to see their son and explain the truth of what happened.