Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Annoying words and phrases

Annoying words and phrases

This is the third video in the series “America’s English.”
Here are eight annoying words / phrases:

---Shelter in place.
That is usually announced when there is danger at an institution.  Why not say “run,” “hide,” or “barricade yourself?”  It seems in unison they all adopted “shelter in place.”

News media pundits and politicians no longer have a talk, debate, or discussion.  They all now have a “conversation” and/or implore others to have a “conversation.”  They have worn out that word.

Doing yard work or exercise in hot weather, someone always state: “you need to hydrate.”  In other words need to drink.  So what’s wrong with saying drink or take in liquids?  “Hydrate” equates to a fire-hydrant and do what dogs do to fire-hydrants?

---Lets agree to disagree.
This is said when two or more people are unable to agree when discussing a disagreement.  That is the easy way out.  Continue the disagreement until one side agrees.  Or if unable to agree, then end it acknowledging an agreement was not attainable.  Inserting “agree to disagree” is weak.

---It is what it is.
The night is dark because “it is what it is.”  Hello:  Nights are dark and that in itself is what it is.  Water is wet, fire is hot.

---I want to say……
Many people initiate a response to a questions with “I want to say.”  What is that?  Say it, no need to revel your feelings that comes across in your answer.  By starting with “I want to say” is a delaying motion or an attempt to portray a deep thinker. Hooey!

---See what I’m saying
Some people add after a lengthy explanation conclude with “see what I am saying?”  No, unless the person is a cartoon comic character with a speech bubble.

---Can I hold your pen?
Instead of asking “may I borrow your pen,” or “may I use your pen,” or “let me use your pen,” some ask to assist you by offering “can I hold your pen.”

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What about "It's a real Game Changer" I'm so sick of hearing that!