Sunday, November 22, 2015

Silent Night USA / Japan

Silent Night USA / Japan

On the U.S. television network ABC there is a weekly series titled “Scandal.”  The episode of 19 November 2015 appeared with the title “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” 

The episode aired a woman getting an abortion and during the murderous procedure the music played in the background was “Silent Night.”  “Silent Night” being the song written to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

This is another glowing example of the pervert thespians in Hollywood attacking Christianity to hide their fear of religion.  It was an example of popular culture in the USA working on their goal to minimize if not eliminate religion in the USA starting first with Christians.   

Contrast that with popular culture in Japan.  In Japan popular culture demonstrates no fear of religion and a profound respect for all religion.  The Japanese television drama “Nobuta wo Produce” in episode 10, the last episode there is a Christmas scene.  In this scene two people are talking while the music in the background is “Silent Night.”  Note Japan is not a Christian nation as the USA is or was.  

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