Sunday, November 22, 2015

Amazon lied to me

Amazon lied to me

As a member of Amazon Prime, items ordered as “prime” are delivered within two business days and sometimes on a Sunday.

Ordered a gun trigger lock and was advised would be delivered on Sunday.  Sunday the package never arrived.  Later in the day Amazon’s website noted the package was delivered and gave the delivered time as 11:47 AM.  Huh?  No package was delivered.

Telephoned Amazon customer service.  Was told they had problems with the Post Office that week in delivering packages.  What? 

1 - If Amazon knew there was a problem with the Post Office then why did they use the Post Office and not UPS as they have done in the past?
2 - Why did they lie to and show the package was delivered and gave the exact time of the non-delivered delivery?

This is the first time in a multitude of Amazon deliveries a problem arose.  Amazon has been excellent with their deliveries in the past.  Their customer service is easy to reach, as easy as calling a friend.  However telling a lie such as they did is unacceptable and shame on Amazon for that.

It cost $99.00 a year to belong to Prime however if you order a lot it is well worth it, and most items delivered within two days.  

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