Sunday, November 22, 2015

Did the Japanese come from another planet?

 Did the Japanese come from another planet?

The 16th of November, 2015 Kobe, Japan, the morning train commute was interrupted when an overhead line supplying power to the trains had snapped, causing an abrupt halt to service.

Around 5,000 passengers were instructed to leave the train and walk on the tracks to the nearest station.  The people did just that walking single file, one-by-one.  No yelling, no moaning, no complaining, no one demanding special treatment or consideration, just pure Japanese compliance.  Who does that?  The Japanese do. 

What planet did the Japanese migrate from?  Their orderly behavior is unlike any people on this planet.  We were in awe of their behavior in the aftermath of the earthquake tsunami in 2011.  We saw Japanese soccer fans in another country clean up the stadium after the game.  The problem with Japan is they are a polite society on a planet inhabited by barbarians.   

Headline to be below article sums it up:

“In Japan, even the train evacuations are orderly”

Article concerning the event told in this video:

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