Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Faroe Islands subject of another imperialistic attack

The Faroe Islands subject of another imperialistic attack

Concerning the article written by Helene Hesselager O’Barry titled 
“The Faroese Culture Argument and Why I Disagree,” 
dated 22 February, 2015.

My thoughts on her article:

Ms. O’Barry wrote “….just because something has been going on in a society for a long time does not automatically validate its continuation.”   Conversely, nor does Ms. O’Barry’s comment automatically validate what she wrote.

The author then employees the worn-out concern for the health of the whale meat eaters due to what she claims are toxins in the meat.  How nice of her to be concerned for their health.  How did these hardy people in the Faroe Islands survive there for over a thousand years without her culinary concern?  She exhibits what liberals in the USA are guilty of, pretending concern to gain control over people’s lives.

This compassionate extreme liberal continues to lament the whales are “…social and highly intelligent.”  Really?  Then how come these “intelligent” mammals are too stupid to recognize a danger in an area that has existed for over a thousand years?   They are social? Social or selfish?  These intelligent mammals are guilty of being selfish for not using their social skills to warn other whales to swim away from the Faroe Islands.

The rest of the article was polluted with bumper-sticker liberal trite void of logic.  The author and her type will not happy until we allow them to control every aspect of our lives.   

God bless the people of the Faroe Islands for their expression of independence rejecting this type of cultural and culinary imperialism.              

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