Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Japanese beheadings

Japanese beheadings

Two Japanese hostages held by the barbarians (my apologies to “barbarians” for the comparison) who named themselves the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” referred to as “ISIS” has been reported to have been executed employing the method of beheading.  Mr. Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto are believed to have been beheaded.  ISIS barbarians were demanding a $200 million ransom later changing it to the release of Sajida al-Rishawi is a failed suicide bomber responsible for being part of a group who murdered forty people at a wedding in Amman in 2005.

My apologies to the families of the two hostages as I express my agreement with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe not complying to any of the demands made by these sub-human barbarians.  Once a nation adheres to any demands made by these sub-humans that nation forfeits a little of its sovereignty.  These monsters need to know the Japanese people stand strong and stand united in the face of terrorism by refusing to give in to any of their demands.

Many in Japan question why Japan was targeted by the barbarians when Japan has basically been absent from the conflicts in the Middle East.  Japan supports the Palestinians and offered $200 million in refugee support.  The terrorists who committed these barbaric beheadings see any who do not practice their religion according to their narrow beliefs are the enemy worthy of being murdered.  They even murder, behead, bury alive, sell into slavery members of their own religion who do not subscribe to their interpretation of the faith.

Hopefully the people of Japan will demonstrate solidarity and continue to place their trust in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.  Mr. Abe with his foreign policy initiatives has been absolutely brilliant.  Please allow Prime Minister Abe to continue his foreign policy with the full support of the nation.     

For the nation:  Ever you tried to put toothpaste back into a toothpaste tube?  Give in to terrorism and that what you will be trying to do in the aftermath.  As we would say in Texas, if you give in to terrorism it would be “as welcome as an outhouse breeze.” 

Stay strong Japan, we in the USA love you and stand with you.            

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