Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Japan the most hated country

 Japan the most hated country

According to a website “The Top Tens,” on their list “Most Hated Countries,” Japan is number one on that list.  Really?  Such a rating for Japan screams the invalidity of the list.  Here are the nations on the silly list in order of being “most hated:”

#1 – Japan
#2 – South Korea
#3 – North Korea (should be number one)
#4 – China
#5 – USA (wants to be number one)
#6 – Israel
#7 – Russia
#8 – Iran
#9 - Pakistan
#10- France (should be number one)

Come on folks, Japan number one before France and North Korea?  It is obvious the list on The Top Tens is flawed.  North Korea and France should be tied for number one, while Iran coming in a very close second.    
The Top Tens “Most Hated Countries:”

Japanese the best tourist:

Japanese tourist rated number one, wait about 10 seconds for advertisement to finish:

Japanese voted best tourist:

Why I Love Japan videos:

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