Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Johnson's Baby Powder made in China

Johnson's Baby Powder - poison

This is Johnson’s Baby Powder.  It is now made in China.  Remember China is where poison baby formula, poison dog treats, lead painted children toys, exploding cell phone batteries, and poison wall boards were created.  I do not trust this baby powder because when applied after showering, the skin pores are open allowing this China made powder to enter.  Is anyone aware of a baby powder not made in China with the same consistency?  

Johnson's Baby Powder made in China
Johnson & Johnson baby powder made in China

Here is brand purchased at Walgreens, made in India, which does not have a history of adding poison to their products. 




I think the bottles is made in china tony

Anonymous said...

RichieRich it say's right there talc made in china

Anonymous said...

Interesting - blog made in 2015.. now in 2019 - "asbestos in baby powder"

Why are we still importing crap from China?

LSmith said...

I've been searching products to get away from China and found this blog on a search for Johnson & Johnson.
I got to thinking I had some baby powder, so I went to look and sure enough I have two containers. One Johnson's Baby Powder and it is stamped Talc Made in China. It has copyright J&J CCI 2012. Another is Johnson's Baby Powder Aloe & Vitamin E. This one is stamped Made in the USA of domestic and imported ingredients. Copyright J&J CCI 2011.
This is outrageous to me.
I have also found other products where the websites say USA but receiving the items with Made in China printed. We should know exactly where the products we are interested in are made in the USA or elsewhere prior to purchase, be that an in store or online purchase. That includes any portion of any products. Johnson and Johnson simply stating 'made in the USA of domestic and imported ingredients' is not good enough.

Anonymous said...

The talc is sourced from China. J&J admits this in lawsuits. That has been the case since 2003 in the U.S.