Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Miki Dezaki, the fakeumentary continues

Link to above video:

Miki Dezaki, the fakeumentary continues

The Shakespearian drama/comedy of that fakeumentary “The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue” by Miki Dezaki continues.

Recently Mr. Dezaki was interviewed on a YouTube channel in South Korea by two Germans on +82People.  The two who interviewed him: Daniel Lindeman, Artyom or Ole Artyom.

Once again it was an interview that screamed to be commented on, corrected. 

+82people, YouTube video with Mr. Dezaki:

+82People Instagram:

Other videos on Miki Dezaki and the fakeumentary “The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue:”

Here are many concerns in reference to “The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue:”

Miki Dezaki’s response video (note – the comment section has been disabled):

Link to Shun’s news conference (the video is in Japanese):

Thorough notes and concerns in reference to this fakeumentary:

The fakeumentary website:

The fakeumentary’s trailers:

The producer’s Facebook:

The producer’s YouTube channel:

The producer’s YouTube channel:

Additional Comfort Women videos:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

トニー・マラーノ テキサスパパ 토니 마라

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Anonymous said...

Hajimemashite. Watashi wa Nihon no dokushadesu. Nihon ni aru `Tekisasu oyaji jimukyoku' naru, tonī-shi no dōga o nagashi teru Fujiki to iu hito ga, tonī-shi to itsuwatte, Koria no yōna dema o nagashite, tasha o kōgeki shi teru yōdakedo, soreha tonī no hōshin'na no ka na? Amarini mo mugoinode, kakikomimashita.
Nice to meet you.
I am a Japanese reader. A person named Fujiki who plays Tony's video, “Texas Father's Secretariat” in Japan, falsifies Tony and plays a hoax like Korea and attacks others, but it ’s Tony ’s Is it a policy?
I wrote it because it was too miserable.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fujiki is running a hoax like Korea, attacking others, is it Tony's direction?

Anonymous said...

” Momota-san ga achikochi no chomei hito ni taishite `Sugita to tsukiau na' mitaina mēru o okuritsukete ite, uketotta-gawa wa akirete iru to iu jijitsudesu. `Mata ka?' To iu riakushon. ” Mata, Momota-shi ga kōgi no denwa o shite dema o torikese to ittara, torikesu to ittaga, sarani dema o haite kōgeki shite iru yōdesu. ” Momota-shi yori ika no tsuīto o kese to denwa ga arimashita. Kesanakereba Tekisasu oyaji jimukyoku o kōgeki suru to no koto. `Sugita to wa tsukiau na'de wanaku `Sugita o buttsubuse' to iu `sensen fukoku' o suru to iu messēji o” kōiu dema o, anata no dairinin ga nagashite orimasuga, itsu kara Koria no yō ni, dema o hitasura nagasu yō ni natta nodesu ka?
“The fact that Mr. Momota is sending emails like“ Don't go out with Sugita ”to celebrities here and there is the fact that the side that received them is clear. The reaction is "Is it again?" ”

Also, if Mr. Momota calls a protest and says that he can cancel the hoax, he will cancel it, but he seems to be attacking with another hoax.

“Momoda asked me to erase the following tweets. If I didn't, I would attack the Texas Father's Secretariat. Instead of“ Dating Sugita, ”I would say“ Declaration of War ”that“ crush Sugita ”. "..."

Your deputy sheds such hoaxes, but since when did you start pouring hoaxes like Korea?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is the same guy who, straight off the boat, rolled up in Japan and the first thing he did was start making slurs against Japan based on his ignorance repeating old tropes, e.g. the "bakachon" camera controversy.

The deal there was, in Japan there was a cheap or point and shoot camera that made a sound that went like baka-chon, hence its name.

Some Koreans started the rumour that it meant "stupid Koreans" (Baka means stupid) or a camera so simple that even stupid Koreans could use it.

Of course it did not. The word was just short for "バカでもちょんでもできる" and had nothing to do with Koreans at all.

チョン was actually born as a slang against Korean. 朝鮮(ちょうせん)was a Japanese word for Korea. チョン came from the word.

ちょん as in ちょんでもできる was not related to the slang チョン, however, they sound the same.

Being an asshole liberal American he did not think to actually ask a local who could speak the language.

Now he appears to have entered into Iris Chang territory. I wonder if there is more to him, as in who is behind his agenda, or if he is just an attention seeking narcissist?

Either way, it does not suggest to me that he attempts at seeking enlightenment as a monk have born fruit.