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Hong Kong mess, blame the Brits, the United Kingdom

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Hong Kong mess, blame the Brits, the United Kingdom

The local government of Hong Kong is considering legislation to allow for the extradition of Hong Kong citizens to Commie-land China.  This proposal has caused millions in Hong Kong to protest.  At times during these numerous demonstrations the once-passive and professional police force turned into Commie approved, inspired thugs.  Police brutality was the order of the day.

The mess, the chaos in Hong Kong can be traced to the Brits, the United Kingdom.  Some background:

In the nineteenth century the United Kingdom acquired Hong Kong in “perpetuity” from the Qing Dynasty.  Following this agreement the United Kingdom were granted “The New Territories” for ninety-nine years, thus expanding greater Hong Kong. 

In the last part of the twentieth century the United Kingdom transferred Hong Kong and the New Territories to the Commies in China.  With an agreement to maintain a “one country, two systems” for the transferred people.  Meaning Hong Kong keeps capitalism and representative government until 2047, then it will transfer to what systems oppresses the rest of China at the time. 

Here is the problem with what the Brits did:  The Commies in China are not the rightful descendants to the treaty made with the Qing Dynasty.  When the Qing Dynasty ceased, governance of China went to the Republic of China, led by Sun Yat-sen subsequently to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, still the Republic of China.

The UK took the easy road by abandoning the people of Hong Kong to the Commies, instead the rightful descendants in the Republic of China.  The proposed extradition legislation is a danger to the people of Hong Kong knowing the commies enjoy harvesting organs from their political victims.  

Pray for Hong Kong

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