Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Commies bully G20 about Hong Kong

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Commies bully G20 about Hong Kong

The local government of Hong Kong is considering legislation to allow for the extradition of Hong Kong citizens to Commie-land China.  This proposal has caused millions in Hong Kong to protest.  At times during these numerous demonstrations the once-passive and professional police force turned into Commie approved, inspired thugs.  Police brutality was the order of the day.

Prior to the G20  (Group of Twenty) meeting in Osaka, Japan, the commie thugs in Commie-land China warned the G20 nations they better not bring up the subject of Hong Kong.

As of this writing weak-knee subservient nations acquiesced to the commie bullies in Beijing, EXCEPT one.  The one who did not cower to Commie bullying was Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe -安倍 晋三.  As of this writing the Prime Minister was the only world leader to broach the subject of Hong Kong to the Commie thug leader of red-China. 

Prime Minster Abe’s foreign policies initiatives have been text book in their execution. 
Articles, Japan’s Prime Minister Abe mentions Hong Kong to the Commie dictator:

Articles China warns G20 about Hong Kong:

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Pray for Hong Kong
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