Friday, January 25, 2019

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie’s Covington High School incident interviews

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie’s 
Covington High School incident interviews

Savannah Guthrie of NBC interviewed both the teen from Covington High School Nick Sandman and the Native American provocateur Nathan Phillips.  Here are the questions Ms. Guthrie asked and notice the difference in tone in the questions she asked of Nick and Nathan.

Savannah Guthrie’s questions to the teen Nick Sandman:

“Do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology?  Do you see your own fault in anyway?”

“Do you think it was a good idea chanting back at the protesters?” (In reference to the Black Hebrew Israelites hurling racists comments at the children)

“Did anyone shout any insults back, any racial slurs back at the group?”

“Did anyone say ‘build the wall?’”  

In reference to provocateur Nathan Phillips walking towards the children:
“Did you feel like he was trying to get somewhere else to go toward the Lincoln Memorial?”

“Why didn’t you walk away?”

In reference to scene of teen Nick facing Native American provocateur Nathan Phillips:
“What do you think that looks like?”

In reference to teen Nick’s smile on his face while standing in front of provocateur Nathan Phillips:   
“What do you think that looks like?”

Savannah Guthrie of the bias news media followed up with:
“What some people see is a young kid with a smirk on his face.”

“What would you say for people who see that ……are making that about a judgement who you are?”

“If you look at that video and thought about how it felt from the other’s perspective?  In other words there were a lot of you, a handful of the others, do you think they might have felt threatened by a bunch of young men kind of beating their chest?”

“There’s something aggressive about standing there, standing your ground?  You both stood your ground, and it was like a stare-down.  What do you think of that now when you think about that moment?”

“Do you think if you weren’t wearing that hat this might have not happened or it might have been different?” 

“What’s this been like for you and your family?

Savannah Guthrie’s questions to the Native American provocateur Nathan Phillips:

“First of all first question how have you been doing this has been a world wind few days for you, you find yourself on thee a front page of every newspaper how you doing and how you feeling?”

“I believe you had a chance to see interview that, the the student at the center of this gave.  What was your reaction, what did you think he had to say about what this encounter?”

“And, and what was your reaction to it, how did it make you feel, what did think about his words, and his explanation, and his version of this encounter?”

“He, he said when I asked directly that he didn’t think he owed an apology but he does wish that he had walked away.  Was that enough for you or do you think he should have apologized?”

“Did you hear anyone say ‘build that wall?’  It isn’t audible on the video clips I think that are out there but did you hear that?”

“And how did you feel in that moment, did you yourself feel threatened?”

“I asked the young man this question, I’ll ask you the same thing: Do you think in that confrontation, that encounter that went on, and on, should you have walked away?”  He, he said yes he should have walked away.  Do you think sir you should have walked away?”

“You feel you were blocked?”

“There has also been some question about the nature of your military service and this is a good chance to clear it up.  You were a veteran, you served in the Marine Corp.  Some have said that you were a Vietnam veteran and I don’t believe you have said that.  What exactly is the nature of your service?”

“So, so to be clear you served in the Marines at time that Vietnam was going on but you did not serve overseas.”

“Finally, I wonder what you feel now, what do you hope happens now?  Would you want to meet these students, what are you hoping comes out of this moment and out culture?”

“Have you feared for your safeties since all this has happened?   The students have received death threats.  Have you feared for your own safety? 

“Well Mr. Phillips you certainly have been through a lot in these. these last few days.  Thank you Mr. Phillips for spending this time with us, sharing your stories, much appreciated.”                

Covington High School teen Nick Sandman, abused by adults and now Savannah Guthrie who works for NBC:

Native American provocateur Nathan Phillips handed soft questions by Savannah Guthrie of NBC:
Savannah Guthrie (on the right) accused Nick Sandman smirking while she herself sports a smirk

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