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The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue

The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue    

A reply to the above documentary by me: Tony Marano.
For this documentary Mr. Miki Dezaki interviewed Kent Gilbert, Colonel Shun-san, and myself.  Prior to the interview we are assured by Mr. Dezaki the tone of the documentary will maintain a middle of the road tone treated by sides on this issue evenhandedly. 

The film debut in Busan, South Korea.  There were two pre-screenings in Tokyo I am aware of.  Two friends who attended both pre-screenings in Tokyo reported the film was lopsided in favor of the illusion supported by the Comfort Women mafia on the Korean peninsula.    

During the first part were the interviews of myself, Kent, Shun and other Japanese notables who do not support the version on this issue coming from many Koreans.  Then Koreans where shown who disputed what we said.  We were never given an opportunity to refute their counter version. 

Subsequently Mr. Dezaki held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan – FCCJ.  At this conference he referred to us as “Right Wing Revisionist,” while referring to the Koreans as “Comfort Women Supporters.”

This fakeumentary masquerading as a documentary note various points to be addressed and replied to here. 

We were labeled as: Historical revisionists or denialist.  

We are labeled as revisionist and denialist because we have documented proof, while the narrative promoted by Miki Dezaki and others on the Korean peninsula have zero documentation.

He did acknowledge the following truths:

Korean Comfort Women supporters could not provide documentation illustrating the forced servitude. 
However the Japanese have provided documentation they were recruited.
Comfort Women testimony found to be inconsistent.

During the 1990’s 204 Comfort Women came out and told their stories, less than 30 alive today.
He said the Comfort Women suffered physical and psychological pain, their suffering continued after the war.  In South Korea, Comfort Women were seen as unworthy of commemoration, reason for their silence after the war. 

“Unworthy of commemoration?”  In South Korea prostitution historically has not been a dishonorable profession.  At one time in Korea’s history prostitutes were government employees.  They were called: Kisaeng / Ginyeo / Gwa-gi. 

He said Professor Mera leader of a revisionist group. 

Professor Mera is Japanese who is retired from a California University.  California is the epicenter of liberalism.  How could a “revisionist” survive in a teaching position in a university in that state?  Professor Mera’s teaching history invalidates Mr. Dezaki’s slanderous accusation. 

Former mayor of Glendale Calif, denied ever receiving any money from China or Koreans.

Was Mr. Dezaki that naïve to expect the former mayor to say on video, “Sure, I received money from the Chinese.”  Glendale, California enjoys a sizable Korean population which translates into a constituency able to make a considerable amount of legal campaign contributions.      

Kent Gilbert and I are called revisionists and mentioned as proof the book we co-authored titled:  
“Inform Japan How Amazing it is”
Shameless plug:  This excellent book is available on

Kent and I not being Japanese recognize what the Japanese take for granted, that we from the West see as amazing.  How is that being a “revisionists” by admiring a culture other than the one we were raised in?

He had a Korean explain how the 200,000 number was derived, after Kent logically questions that number.  However did not allow Kent to respond to the Korean.
“Revisionists don’t know how numbers were derived” on the screen however narrator said: “Revisionists don’t seem to know what they are talking about regarding these numbers.”

We know exactly where that 200,000 number came from, it came from those on the Korean peninsula who are supporting the forced sexual slavery story.   Using their 200,000 number we factored in with the number of about 1.5 million in the Imperial Japanese Army, who was said to have abused the Comfort Women around twenty-five times a day.  Putting the numbers to pencil and paper that means the Japanese soldier was having sex multiple times a day.  With all that sexing how did they have time to execute a war?

The fakeumentary claims when we mention Comfort Women created by South Korean soldiers in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, it is only to detract from Japan’s responsibility.  We also South Korean soldiers from about 1950 for the next forty years forced South Korean women to participate as Comfort Women for USA troops. 

When South Koreans place Comfort Women statues they place a plaque next to them.  The plaque claims to represent sexual abuse of women during war and only mentions those who served the Imperial Japanese Army during and before World War Two.  We question it is a masquerade for Japan Bashing.  If it truly represented all abused women during war, then why did they omit South Koreans who abused women in Vietnam and South Korea?  

The reply in the film states the Korean Consulate in Vietnam has been supporting Vietnamese women who were raped by the Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War.

The fakeumentary left out the money Japan paid to South Korea in 1965 to cover in part this issue.  In addition another round of money was paid by Japan to South Korea a few years ago.  Both payments ignored by this faekumentary.

Mentioned the Yasukuni Shrine which has nothing to do with the Comfort Women issue, however is a point of contention with China and SK.

The Yasukuni Shrine was used only to inflame the criticism of Japan by Korea and China as they both continually vilify that Shrine.

A person said Prime Minister Abe visiting the Yasukuni Shrine is equivalent to a German chancellor visiting the tomb of Adolf Hitler. 

Really?  That equivalence is vacant.  Adolf Hitler’s tomb does not exists.  In 1970 the Soviets crushed Hitler’s remains and discarded them in a river.  Now where exactly is that tomb?  It was just an attempt to paint Prime Minister with Hitler.

Then compared the Yasukuni Shrine to the USA Arlington National Cemetery.  Stating okay for US presidents to visit Arlington National Cemetery because it is a secular cemetery.  However wrong for Japanese politicians to visit the Yasukuni Shrine because it is religious.

Remember the director/producer with Japanese heritage was born and raised in the USA.  Currently liberals in the USA are on a campaign to eradicate any religious symbolism from the face of the country.  Being critical of the Yasukuni Shrine as being a religious institution is a glaring example of trying to import the destructive sickness of American liberalism into Japan.

Past apologies not acceptable because they only take moral responsibilities instead of legal responsibilities.  That would allow Comfort Women to be compensated.  Tried to compare it to in 1988 the USA compensated Americans of Japanese ancestry interned in the USA during WW2.

Since when is an apology delineated between “moral” and “legal?”  Either one accepts the apology for its face value or reject it.  Trying to dissect an apology is nothing but a diversion to minimize it. 
In the USA currently almost 100% of the population would agree it was proper to compensate Americans of Japanese ancestry for being interned during World War Two.  However no such percentage would agree in Japan to paying further compensation to the Comfort Women.

At 58:58 in the video is illustrated a Comfort Women’s bank account showing money made. 

This is where the film should have ended as it invalidates any claims of forced sexual servitude prior and after this point.  Since when do sex slaves get to have bank accounts?  Sex slaves were allowed to amass considerable amounts of money?  Sex slaves were allowed to travel into town to establish bank accounts and make continued deposits?  All this part of the fakeumentary did was to illustrate the portion of U.S. Army 1944 report Number 49, writing the Comfort Women were “well paid prostitutes” as being an historical fact.  Thank you very much.

Said opposition solely based on US Army report 49 from 1944.

We have other government documents and video to support what we say.  We have U.S. military documents from the U.S.A. National Archives outside Washington, DC, in College Park.  These documents detail how many Koreans ran these independent Comfort Women stations.  Also detailing the daily life of these recruited prostitutes.  In addition proof of film from the Archives claimed by South Koreans as forced Comfort Women proof, was not true to their fact less narrative.   

Film stated in 1997 Comfort Women issue was added to Japan Junior High text books causing revisionists to protest.  Then by 2012 the Comfort Women issue was erased by every text book.
Devoted an inordinate amount of time concerning how Japan covered this issue in their textbooks. 

However did not review how the subject was addressed in South Korean textbooks, if in their books.

Another claim made: Japan ranked 72nd in press freedom index.  The Index prepared by “Reporters Without Borders.”  As of 05/03/219 Japan ranks 67.  

Proof “Reporters Without Borders” figure is an hallucination:  The USA is ranked at number 48.  Meaning 47 countries enjoy greater press freedom than the USA.  The USA may not be number one, but is certainly not number 48.  During the last two years the near full press in the USA both in print and media have been anti-President Trump.  On a daily bases reporting innuendos as fact, and groundless criticism.  How come if the USA is 48th in press freedom no attempt was made by President Trump or the government to silence this bias fake reporting?

A few years ago there was a press conference in Tokyo at the Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan (FCCP).  The press conference was with a Mr. David Kaye.  Mr. Kaye is with the United Nations Human Rights Committee in the capacity of “UN Special Rapporteur.” 

At this press conference Mr. Kaye expressed the following concerns in reference to Japan:

1 – Freedom of the press, government interference
2 – Freedom of expression suffers under government scrutiny.

Freedom of the Press in Japan:  Mr. David Kaye conducted a news conference in Tokyo (which is Japan) with a room full of correspondents from Japanese news organizations.  Subsequently Mr. Kaye’s concerns were reported throughout Japan.  How’s that?  You read that correctly.

Complaining the Japanese government hinders a free press in Japan is reported by the hindered press throughout Japan.  That press conference and the report of it in essence canceled any concern in reference of a free press facing government oppression in Japan.  How does one complain about freedom of the press in Japan by holding a press conference in Japan? 

Mr. Dezaki questions why is the Comfort Women statue issue so important to Prime Minister Abe and the right-wing?

Simple:  The Comfort Women statue place in other countries, such as the USA, is a pure form of unadulterated form of Japan bashing.  If there was a college course titled “Japan Bashing 101,” this would be the first chapter in the text book.  Prime Minister Abe as the chief executive of his country is responsible for maintaining a positive image of the nation and combat Japan bashing.     

NHK is a public television broadcasting company in Japan owed by the government.
NHK held a televised tribunal on the Comfort Women issue.  In their wrap up summarization it was stated:
The emperor knew or should have known,” of the Comfort Women system. 
He failed to do his duty and as such is criminally libel
The narrator complained NHK which is government owned, was pressured by Prime Minister Abe to edit the NHK tribunal.

I ask: Censorship or quality control?  I write it is quality control.
How can one be one be held responsible for something they “should have known?”  How is that reasonably determined?

A lady who was said to be a “rising star in the revisionist movement” was interviewed.
She disagreed with the South Korean Comfort Women view.  A friend showed her “irrefutable evidence” of the Nanking massacre.   She then viewed other claims by Nationalist more skeptical such as the Comfort Women issue.

How was she shown “irrefutable evidence?”  What form was this “evidence?”  Did the ghost of “Christmas Past” from the novel “A Christmas Carol” take her back to 1937 Nanking, China?

Narrator:  “Shun claims he is not racists, but I found this on his Facebook page:
‘they are really scum of the earth. Just like sa….’ 
That was a reply to someone who wrote: 
‘koreans are such pitiful ridiculous plastic beings.’” 

This exchange was in September, 2013.  The narrator did not put this exchange in its full context.  The Koreans insulted could have been those critical of Japan and promoting a questionable narrative on the Comfort Women issue.  The narrator chose not to place the quote in its full context, leading the viewers to be misled.   

Next the fakeumentary claims Ms. Yamamoto was a member of the racists group Zaitokukai.

Note “was,” a member.  If she was a member, then she evolved as most critical thinking adults do, we evolve.  Ms. Yamamoto had to be discredited because of her work at the UN in Geneva and summiting books with documentation to the UN in Paris.   

Narrator states reason for lack of Japanese historical documents supporting the forced servitude.  There was a directive from Tokyo ordering units to burn documents that would be damaging to foreign relations.  It’s estimated about 7% of Japan’s wartime records were burned. 

Really?  Then how come volumes of documents were found and used at the war time trials?  It was normal for retreating armies to destroy documents to prevent an advancing adversary to obtain them.  Are we to believe the 7% destroyed dealt with the Comfort Women issue?  Meaning the Japanese destroyed Comfort Women documents while leaving for the Allies documents that led to some Japanese being executed after the Tokyo War time’s trials.  Nonsense.      

Narrator claims Japan was held responsible for not following an international convention it did not approve or participate in because other countries followed it. 

No reply necessary at the comment itself is pure idiocy.   

Claimed in the fakeumentary Chinese have nothing to do with promoting Comfort Women issue. 

At the Comfort Women statue dedication in Brookhaven, Georgia, USA, a former Comfort Women who spoke was an official in the Chinese government, meaning she is a communist. (Kang Il-chul).  How can anyone trust or believe anything a Communist would say.  In addition her speaking at this event proves China did and does have a lot to do with this issue.

We are willing to debate anyone on this issue, anywhere, and show our documentation.  While the other side has zero documentation.  Other than by their own admission inconsistent testimony.  

It is obvious watching Mr. Dezaki’s work, he was playing for the approval of a Korean audience. 

At the end of the fakeumentary Mr. Dezaki, the American born of Japanese heritage said the following in an attempt to salvage his reputation with a Japanese audience:

“Finally I would like to address the Japanese viewers, as an American it is not my place to tell you if remilitarization is right for your country.  But remember what remilitarization inevitably means for Japan that will be fighting in the wars the United States starts.  And so please ask yourselves:  Do you really want to fight in a war started by my country? “   

Japan is not looking to “remilitarization.”  Japan is looking to upgrade their military capability due to the threats from Communist China, Communist North Korea, and the possibility of another Democrat in The White House who will deplete the USA military. 

Mr. Dezake turned his faekumentary into an anti-USA, anti-Japan piece of propaganda.  He ended with an anti-American theme borrowing from a USA vaudeville paraphrased term:

“Leave ‘em laughing.”

Meaning end the show on a positive note, and that is what the audience would remember.  Thinking here an anti-USA message would be received positively in Japan.     

Were we a victim of deception?  Is this a documentary or a fakumentary?  

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