Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Japan leaving the IWC – International Whaling Commission

Japan leaving the IWC – International Whaling Commission

The government of Japan announced they intend to leave the worthless, freedom stifling International Whaling Commission – IWC.   Japan’s announcement was made to inform commercial whaling will resume.  The logic used in this announcement falls on deaf ears of the one-worlders who belong to the IWC and UN.  The logic stated the whaling industry employs many Japanese and need to preserve their livelihoods.  I find two another reasons equally important: 

1 - The need to preserve the craft of whaling.  Japan is known for maintaining traditions and crafts thousands of years old while projecting the nation into the technological future. 
2 – Whaling became an important industry to the survival of Japan after the Greater East Asia War when food was at a shortage.

Self-righteous culinary imperialist groups from the West called Greenpeace and the floating circus of Sea Shepherd as expected denounced this news.  Of course they will do that because they are from the West and feel it is their mission to dictate to the people of Asia.  Here is what I find disgusting:

During the 19th century whaling by Western nations were at a destructive high.  They needed to quench their thirst for whale oil, blubber, and meat.  This was done with no regard to the sustainability of the hunts.  Books were written romanticizing the slaughter of whales while portraying the whalers as heroes.   Once alternatives source were discovered to whale byproducts these nations then adopted a smugness dictating to others the evil of whaling.  These imperialist now became culinary imperialist.

The lunacy of their argument their claim that if the whales go extinct, the oceans will die, and if the oceans die, we die.  The earth is around six and a half billion years old.  Whales have only been around for the last sixty million years.  So according to these dopes for the first six billion years when there were no whales there was no life on earth. 

The criminal cosplay leader of Sea Shepherd claim they started harassing the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean in 2002.  However in the real world they started early 2007.  They started tailing and harassing the Japanese whalers to extract donations from their minions and emotional wrecks.  I started tailing and harassing Sea Shepherd around the same time because it was fun and I detest bullies.  Also I understand Japanese whaling is done with maintaining the sustainability of this food source as oppose to 19 century whalers from the West who were unable to comprehend the word. 

It is refreshing to see the Japanese government acting on behalf of their nation with minimal adherence to detractors from the West.  Can we call that “nationalism?”  So be it, let both our nations advance nationalism to the mutual benefit of both.  Thank you Prime Minister Abe and of course I have to add President Trump.     

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