Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sascha the Taiji Cosplay Yakuza

Sascha the Taiji Cosplay Yakuza

Criminal Cosplay Watson the Horrible announced on his Facelessbook the Cove Guardians (correction: Cove Coward Guardians) are back in Taiji, Japan. 

Criminal Cosplay Watson on his Facelessbook left an article titled:  “Return to Taiji.”  This after he announced his abandonment of the dolphins in Taiji.  So to Taiji:  “We’re back !!!!” 

Seems like Cosplay Watson the Horrible is in need of money.  Selling the stolen net weights, having pints with Paul, and selling his autograph is not enough to satisfy his luxurious life-style.  Thus the return to Taiji and the Faroe Islands.  These two locations when disposable minions are on the ground (in some cases literally) the suckers / minions provide loads of money to the cult group. 

A new addition to the disposable minions Cove Coward Guardians is a smug mug.  His name is Sascha Pederiva, born in Switzerland with an Italian passport.  Smug Sascha is an aspiring actor, or a wannabe, or has been one.  Going to Taiji will give him Street Cred which is a valuable entry on his resume for the pervert thespians in Hollywood. 

When they read of his activism in Taiji, he will be propelled to the top of the B list. As of this writing he uploaded two live-streams from Taiji both being questioned by the police.  Both Sascha and the police were very polite and cooperative. 

Towards the end of the second live stream the police officer offered some advice to Sascha.  At first it seemed odd he would give this advice to Sascha.  However upon further thought one can easily ascertain it was a brilliant tactic by the police officer.  You can view the live streams in a link below see for yourself.

Also at the end of the second live stream Yakuza Cosplay Sascha said the following that he was going to “……make sure nothing happens and the dolphins are safe….”

Now how is he going to accomplish that?  Just some smug bravado from a self-righteous mug.  Perhaps he will follow the example of previous Cove Cowards and stand at the water’s edge, arms crossed, in self-righteous indignation. 

Reading the comments left on his two live-streams are hilarious and sad to read how mindless minions think.  Many implore him to be safe and label him as brave.  Brave?  He is in one of the safest countries in the world, so how brave does one have to be?   

Sascha live stream can be found here dated August 31, 2018:

Sascha’s Facelessbook look for his concern for whales or dolphins:

Sascha on YouTube, look for his dolphin or whale videos:

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s Facelessbook, see posting dated August 31, 2018 “Return to Taiji:”

Link to donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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