Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Flea Face the Sea Shepherd bully

Flea Face the Sea Shepherd bully

Recently on Paul Watson’s Facebook page he wrote an anti-bullying commentary titled:

“SUICIDE – There’s No Future in it.” 

The last person on this planet to write an anti-bullying commentary is Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd.  For a number of years he sent a sub group of his cult group’s floating circus Sea Shepherd, called “Cove Guardians” to Taiji, Japan. 

Watson did this because he does not approve of the dolphin activity in Taiji, nor did he give his consent.  So these “guardians” traveled to Taiji to bully the good people living there.  One of the main abusers was Flea Face / Scott West and his daughter.  When asked why he is a bully, he replied “it’s fun.”  

Links to Sea Shepherd bullying people in Taiji, Japan:

Flea Face seeking public office in the USA:

Link to donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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