Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sea Shepherd another arrest or “hot or not”

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  Sea Shepherd another arrest or “hot or not”

The titular head of the cult group Sea Shepherd criminal Watson wanted on three continents established a jewelry fashion statement by wearing handcuffs.  Many of his minions followed his example by getting arrested in the Faroe Islands. 

Currently in Taiji, Japan Sea Shepherd’s sub-group the disposable land crew of the Cove Guardians have or had among their miniscule numbers a Korri Myshel Bindl (Korri Bindl).  In July, 2015 Ms. Bindl sported criminal Watson’s handcuff jewelry by getting arrested in Williamson County, Texas by the Georgetown Police Department, booking number 2015-07128.  The charge was “theft.” 

When a foreigner such as Ms. Bindl enters Japan must fill out an immigration form.  The form asked if ever been arrested.  Did Ms. Bindle omit reporting are Texas arrest?  Her Texas arrest information has been forwarded to the proper authorities in Japan.  Ms. Bindl may be hearing “sayonara” soon and start packing her luggage.    

Korri’s arrest record / mug shots:

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Here she is on “Hot or not”

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Sea Shepherd Korri Myshel Bindl Cove Guardian

Sea Shepherd Korri Bindl "Hot or Not"

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