Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paris, France, Vive La Poop!

Paris, France, Vive La Poop!

Vive La France?  Yeah, if you like garbage, graffiti, rude people, and horrible food.

Paris the capital of France is a beautiful city marred in graffiti, trash, and dog poop.  Do they not realize Paris is the capital of France and perhaps some pride is in order? 

Is graffiti an art form in France?  There is graffiti welcoming visitors on both sides of the highway from Charles De Gaulle Airport into Paris.  Classic bridges and monuments are defaced with this odd form of adornment.  It is found on subway stations and inside the tunnels between subway stations.  See it defacing the side of two-hundred year old buildings.  These buildings survived two world wars only to fall victim to graffiti. 

The cleanest parts of Paris are inside trash cans as Parisians seen to enjoy decorating their sidewalks and streets with trash. Is a garbage strewn street another form of art in Paris?       

The people in New York City one took pride in being rude.  No more, New Yorkers have been replaced by the French in rudeness.  People in New York are rude to one another while polite to foreigners.  However in Paris foreigners are the target of French rudeness. 

Many cities in the civilized world people carry pooper-scoopers or plastic bags while walking their canine companions to keep their streets clean of dog poop.  Not in Paris.  One must be cautious when walking to avoid squishing the gifts left on the ground by inconsiderate Parisians (the dogs, not people).

French food seems to be world renowned for its culinary accomplishment.  Hooey!  When in Paris if you want good food go to an Italian restaurant.  Nuff said.  French food looks great; however in this case looks can be deceiving. 

French women are absolutely gorgeous.  Wow they are all runway model material.  God has blessed France with beautiful architect, serene countryside, and magnificent looking women, all three pleasing to the eyes.  Here one can say “Vive La France.”

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