Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - shazam!

This video is meant as no criticism for President Obama. The criticism is for the brain dead at the Nobel Peace Prize committee attempting to exert political influence via this meaningless award.

The award became meaningless in 2007 when it was awarded to that snake oil salesman Al Gore over Irena Sendler. Ms. Sendler was a Polish Catholic social worker in Nazi occupied Warsaw, Poland during World War Two Ms. Sendler was responsible for saving the lives of 2,500 Jewish infants from Nazi extermination. Irena was caught by the Nazis, beaten, and tortured. She managed to escape and live till May, 2008. The bums at the Nobel Peace Prize felt Al Gore was more deserving.

President Obama makes the third sitting president to receive the award. First was President Theodore Roosevelt for his role in settling the Japanese / Russian war. President Woodrow Wilson received the award for his work in creating the League of Nations.

Others nominated this year were three victims from communist led China, The Middle Kingdom:

Wei Jingsheng, spent 17 years in commie Chinese labor camp for encouraging reforms in the commie party.
Hu Jia, democracy, environmental, AIDS activist sentenced to 3.5 years in jail for subversive activities.
Gao Zhisheng, human rights lawyer who attempted to defend Falun Gong practitioners, was kidnapped and tortured.

From the Congo in Africa:
Dr. Denis Mukwege, Congolese doctor who treated 21,000 women over 12 years who were victim of gang rape during Congo's civil war. Performed up to 10 surgeries a day. His hospital has treated hundreds of thousands of women in the Congo

From another Asian commie nation:
Thich Quang Do Vietnamese patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, been jailed several times by the Viet commies / Vietcong thugs. In 1999 went to visit an 80 year old patriarch, was forcibly escorted back to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). In 2001 placed under house arrest where police maintain 24 hour cordon around this residence.

2010 should be interesting as Michael Jackson has been nominated.

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