Wednesday, October 7, 2009

David W. Hedrick for Congress

In August of 2009 a Congressman from the state of Washington's 3rd Congressional District, Democrat Brian Baird held a town hall meeting. In attendance was a Marine veteran David W. Hedrick.
David Hedrick gain national fame for his stance during this meeting challenging the Congressman and speaking for a majority of Americans. Mr. Hedrick not only served our nation with his service in the United States Marine Corps, he is now running for Congress. Mr. Hedrick will challenge incumbent Brian Baird, who has held office since 1999.

Washington, DC is been occupied by entrenched professional politicians who no longer represent We The People. Honorable men like David W. Hedrick are what this nation needs to fumigate that corrupt city on the Potomac. It is time to run those professional politicians out of town and return OUR government back to the people, We The People.
Video, "A Congressman gets his what-for"

David W. Hedrick for Congress website:

David W. Hedrick's YouTube channel:

We the people need to be heard come this next election.

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