Thursday, October 15, 2009

Confederate Flag, pride or hate?

Reported in The Dallas Morning News was an article about the Burleson School District. Two girls went to school with the confederate flag on their purses. They were suspended, the girls sued. The court ruled in favor of the school district, who said the confederate flag would have caused a disturbance at school.

The Confederate Flag either loved or hated. The flag of the Confederacy euphemistically known at the Stars and Bars as oppose the United States flag referred to as the Stars and Stripes.

The rage exhibited towards the Confederate flag some say is because it represents the defense of slavery by the CSA - Confederate States of America, the South. The North fought the Civil War over the issue of slavery, while the South fought over the issue of state rights.

At the start of the Civil War 10% of Southerners owned slaves. So does that mean the other 90% fought so the 10% could maintain their slaves? The 90% consisted mainly of poor southern whites who were poor due to the institution of slavery. Are we to say this 90% group fought to remain poor?

Also at the start of the war more free blacks lived in the South than in the North. Many Southern blacks put on the grey uniforms of the Confederacy to fight for the South. Today many blacks in the South take pride in their Southern heritage.

Slavery existed for four years under the Confederate flag, while it existed for about 87 years under the United States flag (USA). Many people state the Confederate flag is used by hate groups such as the KKK - Ku Klux Klan. However the American flag is used by the KKK and prior to World War Two the Nazi organization in the USA, the German American Bund or German American Federation (Amerikadeotscher Bund). Yet the USA flag is not forbidden because it was and is exploited by hate groups.

This hate towards the Confederate flags is just a vehicle for liberals to attack conservatives. Plus it plays into the hands of the extreme liberals, the political correct thugs, and the pervert thespians in Hollywood who always portraying Southerners as rednecks, and just plain stupid.


Jeff Willhelm said...

If you do not believe the Civil War was about slavery, then perhaps you have not read the formal declaration of secession from each state. Each state makes it pretty clear within the first paragraph that the issue regarding secession is slavery. The Confederate flag represents the same materialist/fascist/anti-libertarian control that has existed ever since and up to this very day.

bferman said...

If you dig a little deeper into the motivations behind the South's decision to secede from the union (read the declarations of secession), you find that the majority of the reasons stated that the southern states seceded because the federal government failed to uphold the constitution (in regard to state rights) over and over again. The declarations do complain of new territories being denied slave holding rights (keep in mind that the South saw slaves as property), but never indicate that the federal government mandated that the slave holding states had to free their slaves.

Seeker said...

Dig a little deeper dumb fuck?

The Delcaration of Causes you fucking fruit loop WERE the deeper parts you fucking idiot.

States rights my fucking ass - the South hated states rights you idiot -- except for a states right to provide for the rap, selling, whipping, and burning of black people dumb fuck.

The Confederacy you fucking idiot hated states rights when it came to deciding AGAINST slavery dumb fuck -- or perhaps you missed that whole -shit on popular sovereignty thing.

The Confedreacy hated states rights when it meant less slave pussy or slave profit.

In other words dumb fuck - based on their actions - they were really about slave pussy and profit.

Unknown said...

Your comments epitomize how one reacts when your "facts" are disputed and found to be lacking any merit. People like you turn to condescending, and usually foul, name calling and cursing. When engaged in a lively debate with someone, I can always tell when I have the upper hand when my opponent resort to this behavior.