Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cowardly stealth American commies and the ACLU

The commies in communist led China are at least honest about being communist and anti-religion. While the commies in the USA (United States of America) are cowards and stealth like in their behavior. They masquerade in various leftist groups never admitting to their commie ideology or goal of eliminating religion in the USA. Most notable of these groups is the American Civil Liberties Unions, the ACLU. The name is miss-leading as by their actions they do not believe Christians in the USA are entitled to civil rights.

The Los Angeles County official seal had a cross in it. Perhaps because Los Angeles means City of Angeles and was founded by Catholic missionaries. The ACLU determine the cross to be in violation of the hallucinated federal establishment clause derived from another hallucination believing in the Constitution there is a separation of church and state clause. The ACLU threatened court action; the county of Los Angeles caved in and removed the cross.

In 1934 World War Two veterans erected a cross in the then isolated Mojave Desert. In 1980 the area became the East Mojave National Scenic Area. Then in 1994 it became the Mojave National Preserve. The ACLU filed suite in a California court to have the cross removed as it does not belong on federal property per the hallucinated establishment clause.

The court ruled in favor of the ACLU. No surprise there since it is a federal court in California. The decision was appealed to the United States Supreme Court, resulting in the cross being covered up as not to offend ACLU types.

Since the ACLU and their ilk are determined to eradicate any symbols of religion on federal property, and land, any idea when they will try to remove the cross shaped tombstones in United States military cemeteries?
Please see the below website set up to stop the ACLU:

An America without the ACLU is an America immersed in freedom unhindered.

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Unknown said...

Tony, get your dates and info correct. The last time I checked, 1934 was before World War II. I dislike the ACLU as well, but if you are gonna post something, make sure it is accurate and correct. The ACLU would actually have a hayday with this post.