Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taiji, Japan, a victim of foreign anti-capitalist groups

Bloomberg reported about the dolphin hunts in a town in western Japan, named Taiji. The town has historically earned it's living from the sea. They traditionally on September 1st, herd dolphins into an area known as the cove. The dolphins once corralled are then slaughtered creating a gruesome scene with their blood turning the water red. What animal slaughter is not gruesome? However most are necessary for people to eat.

This past September 1st, the hunt was called off due to outside intrusion. Many foreigners descended upon the town with two Japanese film crews to view and video the hunt to use as propaganda in an attempt to halt this annual event.

Per Bloomberg this town has been hunting dolphins for 9,000 years! For the past 9,000 years this town has been slaughtering dolphins, yet the dolphins are not extinct. Are they cockroaches? Apparently the hunt from this town has not caused a decline in the dolphin population.
These environmentalist, animal rights groups, and Sea Shepherd types are in essence anti-capitalist and cowards. Need proof?

On t he Yangtze River in China where the Three Gorges Dam was built it will result in the extinction of the Baiji dolphin and the Yangtze sturgeon. Where are Sea Shepherd and their minions? How come the garbage scow belonging to Sea Shepherd and assorted animal right groups have not sailed up the Yangtze River to bring world attention to this issue? Simple: they are anti-capitalist and cowards. They know the Chinese authorities would not treat them kindly. These anti-capitalist groups masquerading as animal rights groups go to Japan to protest, to exploit the politeness of Japanese culture and because they are just plain cowards.

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