Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Save a suicidal whale? Why?

Soon the whaling season will be upon us with the Japanese whaling fleet setting out in their hunt. In pursuit will be Sea Shepherd to terrorize and create once again hazardous conditions in the open frigid seas.

Sea Shepherd and their types claim this form of terrorism is necessary to save the whales from being hunted. They claim whales are important to the eco system. They claim the whales are intelligent thus should be spared from being hunted and slaughtered.

Intelligent? How about stupid? Whales are notorious for committing suicide by beaching themselves. Some argue they do that to escape the underwater SONAR placed by the Navy. Really? 70% of the earths surface is water, so why not swim in other parts of the ocean to escape the SONAR rather than jump on the 30% land committing suicide? See these intelligence whales behave stupid.

SONAR became popular in the 1940's. So how is it 500 years ago whales were committing suicide by beaching themselves? The common denominator is stupid whales as that remains a constant from 500 years ago to today.

If Sea Shepherd and their types are concerned about saving intelligent animals perhaps they should look to PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA the group who dressed up as the KKK Ku Klux Klan in Manhattan (NYC New York City) to protest the Westminster Kennel Club dog show and perhaps promote the KKK. Between the years 1998 and 2005 PETA murdered, slaughtered, killed, and euthanized 14,000 dogs and cats.

Whereas the Japanese use the carcass of the whale for food and fertilizer, PETA dumped the murdered dogs in dumpsters. No one would argue which are smarter: dogs or whales who are noted for committing suicide. It is well known how dogs find the sound of a vacuum cleaner as irritating. Many dogs attack vacuums rather that commit suicide. How many dogs have been know to purposely drown themselves in the ocean, pool, ponds, lakes, etc?

The money spent on Sea Shepherd to terrorize the Japanese whalers would be better spent in protecting and saving known intelligent animals, our canine friends and companions, dogs.


Unknown said...

Please go kill yourself and make the world a happier place without your lies. You are stupid, evil and ugly.

Unknown said...

To Bonnie,

Do us all a favor and try and leave a civilized comment. If you have nothing constructive to say, keep your mouth shut. We have enough bile in the world as it is.

As for the vid itself, I agree with PeTA thing, though I'm in favor of whale conservation simply because I have a huge soft spot for them. I would never place them above the lives of human beings though, as that eco-terrorist Paul Watson does.

Anonymous said...


The whale has lost a sense of direction by some kind of diseases.
I think that suicide of the whales is natural death.Japanese does not eat it.

You have a one request.
How about your impression to see and hear the talk of President Obama and the Prime Minister Hatoyama?

Many Japanese wait for your opinion and your scathing indication.

We wait in YouTube.

Thanking you in advance.