Friday, September 4, 2009

President Obama needs the Republicans

In 1964 Democratic President Lyndon Johnson needed Republican help for pass the Civil Rights legislation. Due to Republican support, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed into law. Incidentally the Democrats were the majority party in Congress.

In the early 1970's the Democrat controlled Congress stop the funding of USA troops in Vietnam. Thus causing the USA to withdraw from Vietnam. The South Vietnamese Army continued the battle against the communist (Vietcong and North Vietnamese). They were able to continue the fight with the aid from the USA. Then the Democrat control Congress stop the funding of the supplies to the South Vietnamese Army, causing their collapse and the complete take over by the communist. Also caused Laos and Cambodia to fall to the communist. This resulted in the Killing Fields in Cambodia with Pol Pot and his commie murderous thugs.

During the height of the war in Iraq Democrat Senator (Dick Durbin from Illinois), on the floor of the United States Senate refereed to American troops in Iraq as being Nazi like in their behavior.
Commander of U.S. troops in Iraq General Petraeus was in front of a Senate Committee to report on the war. Before the General even opened up his mouth, some Democratic Senators on the committee called the General a liar.

In the last 30 years the Democratic Party leadership has expressed their hate and distrust of the American military. The Democratic Party of today is not the Democrats of President Kennedy's day (JFK). The Democratic leadership of today their loyalty is to their political party way before the nation, if they have any loyalty to this nation.

Now that President Obama is focusing on the war on terror in Afghanistan once again the Democrats are lacking in their support. This is causing President Obama to turn to Republicans to help protect the security of the nation, the United States of America USA.

When the nation's security is an issue, how can anyone vote for a Democrat?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately... in the UK, this now applies to both main parties.