Monday, September 21, 2009

Democrats abusing the race card - again!

The inappropriate use of the charge of racism is the official barometer of Democratic Party failures.

During a recent address by President Barack Obama (Democrat) to a joint session of Congress, Representative Joe Wilson (Republican) from South Carolina yelled at to the President, "you lie." This resulted in the Democratic leadership accusing Representative Joe Wilson of being a racist. To the leadership of the Democratic Party if anyone disagrees with President Obama is could only be due to racism. Afterwards Mr. Wilson apologized for his outburst and President Obama accepted.
Representative Joe Wilson from the 2nd Congressional district in South Carolina comes from a patriotic / military family. Mr. Wilson and his four sons are or served in the military. His father served in World War Two a fighter pilot with the Flying Tigers in the China Theater of the war.
Racist? Concerned about the color of President Obama's skin? During the 2008 Democratic Primaries, it was the Democrats who continually referenced then candidate Senator Obamas heritage. It was the Clintons who attempted to make race an issue. Please make note, it is former President Bill Clinton (Democrat) who was popularly referred to as "the first black president."

The Rev. Al Sharpton (Democrat) said Obama was not black enough nor was he "down for the struggle." Columnist for The Los Angeles Times wrote a column titled, "Obama the magic negro." It was former President Carter (Democrat) who referred to President Obama as, "this black boy." It was Carter who recently said the criticism of President Obama is based in racism.
Senator Robert Byrd (Democrat) was once an official in the Ku Klux Klan - KKK. He was elected Exalted Cyclopes of his local KKK chapter. Granted Mr. Byrd has repudiated his involvement in the KKK. However currently out of both political parties currently serving in Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives), it is the Democrats with the only former member of the K.K.K.

When Justice Clarence Thomas was in front of a Senate committee in reference to his nomination to the Supreme Court, he was viciously attacked by Democrat Ted Kennedy and the other Democrats on the committee. Were they racist when they criticized Clarence Thomas? Nope, because Democratic racist behavior is never racist.

Where were the screams of racism when there were numerous articles, jokes, and photos all negative and racist in content about Condoleezza Rice?

Enough said.

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