Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tibet and the commies in Beijing, China clash again heavens to murgatroyd, not again!

The Tibetan New Year was recent and the Dalai Lama requested Tibetans to keep the celebrations low-key in respect to recent oppressive events by their communist overlords.

About 50 Buddhist Tibetan Monks went to pray at their Sey monastery in Sichuan Province, Aba Prefecture. The monks were met with armed Chinese communist security forces. To protest the monks took to the streets. During this event a young monk named Tashi, known as Tapey, set himself on fire in protest. It is reported the Communist security forces shot him. It is also reported the Communist security forces doused the fire and took the burnt monk to a hospital.

The reports conflict one another because the communist overlords in Beijing have closed the area to all foreign tourist and press. So now the Communist news agencies such as CCTV are reporting opposing articles from ICT (International Campaign for Tibet).
Also the government is sensitive to the date March 10th, which is the 50th anniversary to the failed Tibetan uprising against Communist rule.

Once again the communist government in Beijing has failed miserably in their public relations to the point of being just plain stupid. By baring the foreign press, it leaves mush to rumor and speculation and to suspect something sinister going on. Sure it is understandable to bar the American press (United States of America USA), and CNN, as they have been known for their slanted reporting and lies. However the ban should be lifted perhaps to allow the BBC or Al Jazeera who seem to be a bit more balanced than their American counter parts.

Why does a mighty and powerful government in The Middle Kingdom, Beijing, China, fear religion? Could it lie with the historical atheist nature of communist world-wide?

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