Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Commies in China prove Tibet is a mystical place

An article from The Associated Press appearing in The Dallas Morning News reported on a recent incident in Tibet. The headline of the article read, Nearly 100 minks held after attack on police. The first paragraph read, Nearly 100 Tibetan monks were arrested or turned themselves in Sunday..

Once again the America news media is providing cover for their communist allies. Are we led to believe that perhaps one day one hundred monks just decided to turn themselves over to the Communist police?

Reading further into the article a Buddhist Tibetan monk Nashi Sango, age 28, unfurled a Tibetan flag which caused him to be arrested by the communist police. Apparently in China is must illegal to waive a Tibetan flag. While at the same time Chinese students at will waive the Communist Chinese flags in cities and capitals all around the world without any interference from authorities in other nations. Yet others are deprived that same privilege in China.

The mysticism of Tibet happened in the Chinese jail where Mr. Naski Sangpo was being held. Because according to communist authorities Mr. Naski Sangpo just disappeared while locked up in his jail cell. His disappearance seems to be of no concern to the atheist communist as they must be in awe over Mr. Sangpos ability to just disappear. The commies claim Mr. Sangpo asked to go to the toilet then went out and jumped in the Yellow River. Of course this is in question because of Beijings insistence of keeping the foreign media out of the region, thus leaving anything reported by the communist or their news agency to be suspect. Further proof the person responsible for public relations in Beijing is an idiot.

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