Saturday, March 28, 2009

Terrorist from Guantanamo to be released in the United States?

There is a region in far western China called Xinijiang Province. The province is some times referred as East Turkestan. It was once a predominately Islamic region with the ethnic group known as the Uyghur.

The Communist from Beijing rolled in and proceeded to do what Communist do best, suppress the populace. The commies suppressed their Islamic religion, their native language, and their culture. The commies in Beijing also relocated Han Chinese in the province to the point to where the Uyghurs are now a minority in their own region.

In an effort to stop the suppression from the communist the Uyghurs have engaged in hostile activities towards communist police and military. The Beijing government has labeled these activities as terrorism. However terrorism is when civilians are intentionally targeted for destruction. To date the Uyghur activities have not intentionally targeted civilians.

In an effort to learn about explosives, bombs, and weaponry, the Uyghurs sent some of their group in Afghanistan prior to September 11, 2001 (9/11). There they were to learn the skills to combat the communist in China. Well 9/11 happened and the United States (USA) military rolls into Afghanistan to eliminate those training centers. This action resulted in the captures of the Uyghur nationals who where sent to the terrorist prison in Guantanamo Base in Cuba.

Since their internment the United States has recognized the Uyghur detainees present no harm to the United States. However the USA was unable to return the Uyghur detainees back to Communist China for fear of being tortured, murdered, and having their organs harvested.

Since President Obama stated the prison at Guantanamo will be closed, discussions are being held to allow these Uyghur detainees to be released in the United States of America. These people pose no threat to the United States and should be welcomed.

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