Thursday, October 22, 2020

U.S.A. Presidential election thoughts

U.S.A. Presidential election thoughts 

by: Tony Marano

I hesitate to write the following, the coming Presidential election in the U.S.A. is of enormous consequences and historical. Such labels have been assessed in past elections, admittingly important, yet not harboring the pivotal outcome awaiting the USA and the world. 

President Trump’s goal is to continue his agenda of restoring and strengthening our institutions, culture, and history. While the Harris / Biden ticket’s goal has been to remake the USA into a Communist / Socialist command economy. 

The USA has had many contentious elections. To me that is a hallmark of a robust constitutional republic. That evaluation could be a result of my Italian heritage, always enjoying a lively discussion. Once such election was that of President Andrew Jackson, in 1828. That election was so ugly, the opposition publicly accused Andrew Jackson’s wife of being a “whore.” In 19th century America that was a scandalous charge, while in this 21st century such a label is a resume enhancement for the Democratic Party. 

The Democrat goal is to covert the USA economy from a capitalist one, to a socialist / communist one. Hard to believe? No way in the USA could that happen? Understand the radical students of the 1960’s are now teaching from pre-K to post graduate for the last forty years of pure extreme left-wing indoctrination. We are now experiencing the result of all those years of academic poisoning of our youth. 

Point out to Democrats a socialist / communist economy has never worked, they reply: Because it was never applied correctly. They are in a delusion thinking only they know how to implement that economic system correctly. President Ronald Reagan labeled the USA as “the shinning city on a hill.”  Today Democrats aim to extinguish the beacon from that shinning city. 

Democrats claim the nation needs mail-in voting due to the danger of COVID-19. However, have no concern about COVID-19 when they allow rioting and looting. Voting by mail is a voting fraud harvest just waiting for Democrats to abuse. 

President Trump has a Herculean task to win this election. Academia is urging their brain-dead students to protest Trump and promote the Democratic Party destructive agenda. The fake news media has become the propaganda division of the Democratic Party. The debate and town hall moderators have all been Democratic Party operatives. Big tech – SNS, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other like Internet engines are censoring anti-Democratic Party postings. They post polling which is a fake as the same polling that showed Hillary in 2016 as the winner. 

Biden has promised to raise taxes if elected. In the last one-hundred years, those candidates promising to raise taxes, lost the election. However, in the past they did not have the support of the media and academia as Biden enjoys. 

This seems like a huge hurdle for Trump to overcome. To some it looks bleak. I look at the reality of the mood of the nation. Biden holds a rally no more than fifty show up. Trump rallies there are thousands in attendance and an equal number outside the venue unable to get in. There have been pro-Trump car and boat rallies involving thousands of vehicles and boats in many cities across the country. Weekends there are pro-Trump rallies in Beverly Hills, California a center of liberalism. One Sunday there was such a huge pro-Trump car rally in Manhattan (NYC) they closed down Fifth Avenue, another center of liberalism. As equal number on foot. Recently in Miami there were around 30,000 cars in a Trump car parade. They are labeled the “silent majority.” A recent Biden car rally had no more than ten vehicles. The news media polls have Biden winning, while the people’s organic rallies have Trump a winner. 

 If Trump is not re-elected, it will be proof representative democracy in the USA died.

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Good article Tony and right on.