Thursday, October 22, 2020

President Trump, First Lady Melania COVID-19 conspiracy

President Trump, First Lady Melania COVID-19 conspiracy

President Trump, First Lady Melania, some members of the administration, and a few Republican Senators have caught COVID-19 Communist China virus.

The news media and Democrats blame this spike in the virus due to the event in The White House Rose Garden.  Where President Trump announced his nomination for the Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  If that was the cause, then how come members of the news media have not caught the virus? 

Conspiracy theory:  The commies in China do not want President Trump to win the election.  They know if he does, they are going to have to address consequences for causing their virus to spread. 

How about the “deep state?”  They too have a vested interest in Trump not winning the election.  They too know the money train is going to end with a number of them going to jail.

Hence the deep state and the commies in China have a concern to make sure Biden wins.  It is a matter of survival for them.

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