Thursday, May 8, 2014

Justin Bieber: SAYONARA !!!

Justin Bieber:  SAYONARA !!!

Apparently Mr. Bieber caved in to the bullies while not caring about his fans in Japan.  Next can we expect him to join with Sea Shepherd?  Oh, by the way he is Canadian, not American. 

Justin Bieber was in Tokyo and stopped to pray at the Yasukuni Shrine.  Afterwards Mr. Bieber posted a photo of him at the Shrine on Twitter.  This caused people in China to complain, later South Koreans followed the Chinese example.

In an effort to salvage his fan base in China and South Korea he apologized not caring about his fans in Japan.  The next time Mr. Bieber arrives in Japan, perhaps the people in Japan should advised him he made a mistake as he is in Japan and not in South Korea and China. 

Since Mr. Bieber validated the Japan bashing being regurgitated in South Korea and China, will he next join Sea Shepherd?   

Sayonara Justin Bieber !!!

Justin Bieber apologizes (WARNING: article is decidedly anti-Japanese):

Justin Bieber apologizes again (WARNING: article is decidedly anti-Japanese):

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