Tuesday, December 1, 2009

USSA United Socialist States of America November, 2009

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The plan is to post one video at the end of each month while President Obama is in The White House, and them thar Democrats control both houses of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives). The United Socialist States of America (USSA) emerged after the election of November, 2008, from the ashes of the United States of America (USA).

The November accomplishments of President Obama and them thar Democrats:

1---1,990 pages Healthcare bill creates 111 new bureaucracies.
2---The Democrats lost the governorship New Jersey - ha ha
3---The Prime Minister of Germany personally invited Obama to attend the anniversary of the falling down of the Berlin Wall. Obama declined saying he was too busy.
4---When Obama was candidate Obama he said he would listen to the generals in Afghanistan. The past four months now President Obama has been ignoring those generals.
5---Obama campaigns for the Democrats in the governor races in New Jersey and Virginia. Then on election night The White House says the president did not bother to watch the election returns, instead he watched a movie about him.
6---Senate Democrats have blocked a GOP attempt to require next year's census forms to ask people whether they are a U.S. citizen.
7---Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not allow the final language of the health care to be posted online for 72 hours before bringing the bill to a vote on the House floor, despite her September 24 statement that she was "absolutely" committed to doing so.
8---Obama said if Stimulus passed, unemployment will not pass 8%. The Stimulus passed and unemployment passed 8% at 10.2%.
9---Fort Hood, President Obama's opening statement about the event on 11/5/9 was greetings and a shout - out, disgraceful.
10---Sunday after the massacre at Fort Hood, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was in Yemen and assured her audience this administration will protect against a backlash. What did she say about making sure this does not happen again? Nothing!
11---According to The White House 18 million dollar web site Stimulus money was used to create jobs in Congressional districts that do not exists.


12---Obama and the Democrats borrowed the money from China bankrupting our nation. Then with that money they are spending it on infrastructure and public works projects. They are awarding those contracts to Chinese companies. So the money we borrowed and paying interest on, we are giving them back that money by hiring them. So now we owe the money and the interest, just to help Chinese companies.
Link to article in the China Daily:


As worn in this video: Commie hat, Soviet star, and the Order of Lenin


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bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.