Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sea Shepherd lesson learned

The Japanese whaling fleet is currently in the Southern Ocean engaging in their seasonal whale hunt. As in years past Sea Shepherd is in pursuit of the whaling fleet. However as of this posting Sea Shepherd has not located the Japanese whaling fleet, but the Japanese have located Seas Shepherd.

The Japanese have employed a vessel or two to follow Sea Shepherd. This enables the Japanese to radio Sea Shepherds coordinates to the main whaling fleet. This allows the main whaling fleet to avoid the area Sea Shepherd is polluting. During the last whaling season Sea Shepherded protested the use of LRAD by the Japanese mariners.

This year while the Japanese were following Sea Shepherd (remember years past Sea Shepherd would follow the Japanese), from the stern of Sea Shepherd was or is a rope in the ocean with buoys tied to it. The goal is to have these buoys foul the Japanese propellers or rudders. Is that legal?

It is also reported Sea Shepherd also employed either a laser beam or light in the direction of the Japanese ship. The beam or light was unable to achieve it's desired goal because of distance. Photographs courtesy of The Institute of Cetacean Research.

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