Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sea Shepherd arrest in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands (Faeroe Islands) located in the North Atlantic, roughly between Norway and Iceland. These islands have been an autonomous province of Denmark.

The people of these picturesque islands traditionally gather their food from the sea as many island inhabitants around the world do. Part of their sea sustenance comes from whales.

In 1986 the children of Sea Shepherd took their rust bucket rainbow painted garbage scow to the Faroe Islands to interfere with their whaling activities. Sea Shepherd cowards were ordered to leave as they were trespassing. Two of the sea going children of the rust bucket did not comply and were arrested.

Sea Shepherd has not returned to the Faroe Islands since. Sea Shepherd was met with hostility and some of the crew met with fisticuffs, Marquis of Queensbury rules not withstanding. The girly men took their garbage scow, left the islands and have not returned these twenty some odd years.

Sea Shepherd since has decided to exploit the Japanese whaling fleet taking advantage of Japans desire not to be seen as being confrontational. The benefit of the Japanese behavior has been constant and aggressive harassment by the children of Sea Shepherd. Year after year these girly men escalate their dangerous activities with total disregard for international seafaring protocols.

Perhaps if the Japanese whaler were as assertive and aggressive as the people of the Faroe Islands, the eco terrorist of Sea Shepherd would cease their life-threatening behavior and find another nation to exploit to bring in their donations.


starbird said...

You couldn't find anything newer than 1986, god you must be desperate, your anger must be roiling...

You are still a disgusting excuse for a human.

Why don't you take your astonishing lack of any intelligence at all, your misdirected anger, your asshole behavior and stick it up your butt.

You are taking up space on earth and doing everything in your power to defile it with your lies and idiot opinions.

The faroes are a travesty of cruelty, pain and suffering. What have YOU done to stop it?

Fremantle Honors the Captain and Crew of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin
Fremantle Honors the Captain and Crew of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin
It was a fabulous birthday for Captain Paul Watson. December 2nd saw some four hundred people in the Fremantle City Hall singing Happy Birthday to the Captain of the Steve Irwin.
The evening was hosted by former Australian Environment Minister Ian Campbell, with a welcoming from Dr. Richard Walley of the Noongar people. Dr. Walley sang an Aboriginal song along with playing the didgeridoo.
Sea Shepherd veteran of twelve years Dave Nickarz from Winnipeg gave a talk about his personal experiences onboard Sea Shepherd ships and answered questions from the audience.
Captain Paul Watson gave a half hour speech and dedicated Whale Defense Campaign Operation Waltzing Matilda to the people of Australia. He said, “Without the support of Australian ports and the support of the Australian people we would not be able to accomplish anything. For this reason we have named this campaign in honor of the Great Andrew Banjo Patterson and his wonderful poem and song Waltzing Matilda.”
Captain Paul Watson presented Sea Shepherd crew jackets to Ian Campbell and Mayor Brad Petitt of Fremantle.
Mayor Brad Pettitt has continued the support of Fremantle City Hall for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that we have enjoyed for years under former Mayor Peter Tagliaferri. He presented the Steve Irwin with a plaque of the Fremantle Coat of Arms and the flag of Fremantle with a request that we fly the city’s colors in the Southern Ocean.
In return, Captain Paul Watson presented Mayor Pettitt with the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger and the Mayor announced that the Sea Shepherd colours would fly from the mast atop City Hall.
In 2006, Peter Tagliaferi presented the flag and the Coat of Arms to Captain Alex Cornelissen on the Farley Mowat after the Farley Mowat docked in Fremantle fresh from their heroic escape from Cape Town, South Africa. Stripped of her Canadian registry and flying only the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger, the Farley Mowat was a genuine pirate ship when she arrived to a hero’s welcome in Fremantle.
The December 2nd event raised $20,000 for the Sea Shepherd campaign for the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
The Perth and Fremantle Chapters of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have been the strongest support group for Sea Shepherd in Australia for years. The Captain and the crew of the Steve Irwin are grateful for the support of the City of Fremantle and Mayor Brad Pettitt for hosting the event, to Dr. Richard Walley for the Welcome to Country, to Aiden Varro for the music, to Graphic designer Sharon Wong for designing the promotional leaflets and to all the Fremantle supporting businesses for the donations of goods and services for the Silent Auction.

Samurai Japan said...

Hi,I'm Iapanese.
I have respect for you.
Do you Know this news?

Australia and New Zealand, Foreign Minister of the Netherlands yesterday,
the U.S. anti-whaling groups,
"Sea Shepherd (SS)" The problems that interfere with the Japanese whaling fleet,
"a violent and dangerous activities are not acceptable" and a joint statement warned.

Australian SS activities in the country are based,
the Netherlands and New Zealand is a country of registration of the ship protest.
7 out of the ship's protest came a day according to the Western Australian port of the boats,
issued a joint statement first. For each country,
through government and Hatoyama summit was urged to take action.


No Subject said...

Great video, but apparently some people, like starbird, are incapable of seeing the point you are making. Of course if you view animals and being equal or superior to humans, that it is not surprising that you would be unable to understand a well reasoned statement.

The best way to deal with eco-terrorist and animal supremacist like these fools is to treat them like the criminals they are. Or better yet, sink their vessles like the French did to Greenpeace

bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Near future Sea Shephers atacked by Japanese fishng boat.
Japan stock power/enagy now to atack monkey Sea Shepherd.
Many Japanese are gentle but some Japanese look Sea Shepherd is world enemy.

Pete said...

You might ask the crews of: Sierra, Susan, Theresa, Isba I, Isba II, Hvalur 6, Hvalur 7, Senet, Nybraena, and Morild about Sea Shepherd activity. The members of Sea Shepherd have actually attacked and sunk these vessels. Sea Shepherd is proud of it’s illegal action and brags about sinking vessels. In some nations you are hung for those actions. I also read that a Sea Shepherd ship was seized after it intentionally rammed a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker in Canadian territorial waters. A 2008 academic paper by researchers at Monash University concluded that Sea Shepherd organization "may be best categorized as a vigilante group”. Sea Shepherd actions have included scuttling and disabling vessels at harbor, ramming other vessels, throwing bottles of acid on decks of vessels at sea and even illegally boarding of commercial vessels at sea. Greenpeace has criticized Sea Shepherd organization for the group's tactics, particularly regarding its interaction with commercial ships at sea. Greenpeace maintains Sea Shepherd is a violent organization whose tactics include ramming other vessels and endangering the lives of fishermen and sailors. Greenpeace has called the founder of Sea Shepherd a violent extremist. These are facts ignored by many environmentalists and tolerated by many governments. When a human disaster finally occurs at sea from these activities it can not be labeled as an accident. Sea Shepherd desires dangerous life threatening encounters with both sailors and their vessels. They will be guilty of facilitating any disaster, as their intent and purpose is to cause the marine disaster to occur. They are proud of this.

Anonymous said...

WATSON: “The Fin whale is listed as an endangered species and Iceland has already violated international conservation law by exporting Fin whale meat to markets in Japan without the required CITES export permits. Trading in endangered species is illegal under the provisions of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species”.


THE TRUTH: “The whale meat trade is banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), but Iceland, Japan and Norway have all registered reservations, as the treaty permits, exempting themselves from the ban”.


WATSON: Iceland stopped whaling in 1986 after the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society sank half the Icelandic whaling fleet in Reykjavik harbor. Two of the four whaling ships were scuttled by Sea Shepherd engineers and the whale processing plant was destroyed. The two ships were never repaired.


THE TRUTH: “The sabotage caused $2 million in damage, the Hvalur Whaling Company said. The 430-ton vessels, insured for $4 million each, were coated with heavy oil residues from leaks sprung in the scuttling”.


So the ships were never repaired but they are still registered today in Iceland according to World Shipping Register?!?!?? Watson is synonymous with LIAR! I think Hvalur hf,Hvalfir├░i owes Watson thanks for allowing them to repair and refurbish these old 1940’s ships with the insurance windfall he created for them.

HVALUR 6 IMO #5157327 call letters TFMG RE376
HVALUR 7 IMO #5157339 call letters TFJK RE377


Here’s Iceland’s registry for 2004 and all four of the Hvalur ships are listed on page 68