Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who are the fascist here?

The American News media (which has totally surrendered itself to the Obama administration), along with the Democrats, and the Obama administration have expressed concern and condemned the use of Nazi, fascist reference in this current healthcare debate. Why even Democratic Speaker of the House from California Nancy Pelosi said she observed swastikas at a town hall meeting. When one behaves like a fascist, then one should be expected to be called a fascist. It was the Obama White House that called at the brown shirt union thugs to attend town meetings and intimidate the opposition. It was The White House that set up urging Americans to snitch on one another. Then they get upset when Hitler is called Hitler.

Fascist references: It was a Democratic Senator on the floor of the United States Senate that compared American troops in their behavior to Nazis. Not a word of concern by the news media.

For eight years during President Bush, numerous references were made to President Bush as being Hitler and/or a Nazi. During this time the American news media, and the Democrats were silent about these references.

So now when the Democrats behave Nazi-like, they are insulted to be identified by their behavior.

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