Sunday, August 23, 2009

Japan the flag flap incident

In Japan (Nippon) there are two major political parties. One being The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP - Jiyu Minshuto), which in actuality is the conservative party. The second being Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ Minshuto), which is the liberal party. Recently the Democratic Party (DPJ) held a conference. First:

The flag of Japan with the red circle on a white background referred to as either Nisshoki or Hinomaru, represents the rising sun. The icon of the DPJ consists of the two rising suns one overlapping the other.

At the DPJ conference to achieve their icon (logo), two Japanese flags were desecrated sewn together. This caused an uproar among the public. Per an article of the newspaper, The Ashi Shimbun, the DPJ apologized for the incident.

Exploring the DPJs English website, it looks rather innocent enough. However on the top right one can click on to view the Japanese language version of their website. Once there on the right side are two small flags side by side, one being the flag of Japan, the other the flag of communist led China. Why? Why would a major political party in a representative democracy with a capitalist economy have such a display on their website?

See video:


Unknown said...

Dear Tony,

I'm a female Japanese under graduate student studting International Politics in the UK. Thank you very much for encouraging Japanese people through your videos.

I used to be one of the elementary school students who was brainwashed by leftwinger teachers.

This may sound exaggerated, but until I became a high school student,I'd had no oppotunities to sing the national anthem.
But when I came to know the Internet at the age of 18, then I knew what I'd learnt from my teachers and the media were wrong.
I started to read historical books written in based on more accurate information and evidence, and now I am really prod of the Japanese history.
Normally, it is the Japanese who should start to realise the outer threats, and we have to run campaigns against neighbouring states.I think that your videos are absolutely informative, and please continue Propaganda Buster. I wish you every personal success and happiness.

klubowiczka Matsuri said...

Thank you for your YouTube comment.
You are absolutely right!
They did it once, they are doing it again. They forced our Imperor to see some Chinese-who-is-that-guy.
They have no respect. And also that Chinese. He didn't bow before the Imperor, which in Japan is almost a crime.