Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you USA Custom Agents at Newark Airport

Bollywood vs. USA Custom Agents:

USA Custom Agents - 1
Bollywood - 0

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan from India was heading to Chicago. He arrived in the United States of America at Newark Airport in New Jersey. Mr. Khan was going through Customs just like everyone else who enters the United States (USA). While at Customs Mr. Khan did not have his luggage and it is required one go through Customs with their luggage. The airline had lost Mr. Khan's luggage. Customs detained Mr. Khan and questioned him. This all took about one hour till his luggage arrived. Mr. Khan said it was over two hours. Who cares?

Mr. Khan complained, said he felt humiliated and was a victim the USA "racial profiling." This incident made headlines in India because Mr. Khan is a mega superstar in Bollywood, India. Demonstrators in India burned President Obama in effigy. It is reported in India regal treatment is afforded to their mega stars exempting them from security checks at airports which the rest of us peasants must endure.

As a result Mr. Khan and many in India thought he should have received the same regal in the United States. Little did he know in the USA all are equal (except the Congress), and all other schleps are treated equally.

What is interesting is Mr. Khan has a movie to be released in 2010, titled, "My Name is Khan," which has to do with "racial profiling" in the USA. What a coincidence, yeah when pigs fly! Could this have been a publicity stunt? Hmmmm?

To the Custom Agents at Newark Airport: Great job and thanks for keeping the United States of America safe!

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