Saturday, April 12, 2008

"No foreigners allowed" signs in Japan

People have pointed out videos on YouTube showing various signs throughout Japan only permitting Japanese or Asians in business. People are using these signs as proof of the racist attitude of the Japanese. However upon further examination, the signs have nothing to do with racism, but more to do with the rude behavior of foreigners to that nation. Many Americans, Russians, and other assorted Westerners visit Japan and behave like ugly Americans. Engaging in rude, lewd behavior, and fisticuffs (bar fights with a total disregard for the Marques of Queensbury rules. It is this behavior which causes such signs to be erected in various businesses.


Rick said...

In interesting video. I'm well aware of the liberal fella you speak of. I've called him the Al Sharpton of Gaijin. However I think you've missed quite a bit on this video.

The first point I would contend with is statement of "Ugly Americans" Would you believe Americans are considered the 2nd best tourists? Guess who said that? Europeans. Specifically a survey of European hoteliers stated that Americans were the 2nd best tourists only to be beaten out by the Japanese (kinda ironic for this blog entry) However they do consider us to be the worst dressed.

I actually lived in Japan for two years from late 1991 to 1993. I never had any of the problems Debito and his ilk have bitched about. I have heard of problems like these but they were mainly for more adult oriented joints. Other times these signs were erroniously posted because the manager/owner didn't know exactly what was being said. This actually happened recently. Debito slammed a restaurant for a racist sign on their front door. Another blogger in Japan read about the sign and simply went to the restaurant and asked about it. The Owner had no idea his sign was considered offensive to Gaijin. I immediately threw it away. The blogger (his name is Matt) help him with a new sign that better explained the situation (no one in the restaurant knows English)

You can read about it here:

You can also read how Debito treats people like Matt here:

Ok, back to that Ugly American thing. I know we have a tendency to brawl in bars around here in Texas. You can just watch Fox 4 to find the latest Dallaw Cowboy that got in trouble at a stripper joint. This however is not a problem for Americans visiting or living in Japan. Fights in bars are so rare its almost unheard of. We never even had a bar fight at my Army base. Maybe you could hear about that with the Marines but hey, they're Marines (God luv'em)

If anything, the Japanese like Americans more than any other nationality. I've heard plenty of Japanese talk trash about Brits or Australians (they really get ticked with Aussies)

Oh one more thing?

"Fisticuffs?" Come on man you live in Texas. We don't use those words around here. Its a brawl or a whoppin'. Please get out of Dallas more often. Get out to Ft. Worth on occasion.. (I kid, I kid)

NikuQ said...

At first I need to explain Japanese "Kyabakura" BAR System.

There are sexy girls in there "Kyabakura" BAR but guest can be allowed only talking with them. No touching , No XXX , any sexual actions are prohibited.

Almost girls working there could not speak any other language except Japanese , how to communicate with them ?

- To guest from foreign countries -
Japanese girls working in "Kyabakura" BAR is not prostitute.

Don't touch them!
Don't kiss!
Don't be exciting!

This system is crazy I know but I like this system because its gentle.

Please enjoy "Kyabakura" BAR with your translator if you will visit to Japan.

I explain all signs in video.
1:"Kyabakura" BAR.
2:Fillipos girls "Kyabakura" BAR.
3:No Japanes words. I'm not sure of this.
4:"Kyabakura" BAR.
5:"Kyabakura" BAR.
6:Union of house prostitute.
7:"Kyabakura" BAR.

Anonymous said...

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