Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Biofuel ethanol scam and your price of food and gas

Corn prices hit a record high and so has the cost of your food and fuel. That is because the political correct crowd has hijacked the energy debate in America. As a result the poor suffer who have to pay the high cost of fuel caused by ethanol production. Ethanol takes an enormous amount of energy and farm land to produce. Also it does not burn efficiently in the gasoline engine causing more fuel to be burned.

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John Little said...

You are mistaken about switchgrass, a tall perennial grass used by farmers to protect land from erosion. It requires minimal irrigation, fertilizer, or herbicides but yields 2-3 times more ethanol per acre than corn does. Such crops could potentially be harvested on marginal land, avoiding the conversion of healthy cropland or forests to energy-crop production.