Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sea Shepherd and terrorism

This past weekend the self proclaimed protectors of whales once again harassed a Japanese whaling ship. However this time the Sea Shepherd thugs slid from thugs to terrorist. The terrorist aboard the Sea Shepherd pelted the deck of the Japanese ship with a slippery substance in a perceived attempt to cause the Japanese mariners to slip off the deck of their ship and slide off into the sea. The acid is reported to have caused harm to the skin of the Japanese. The people of the Sea Shepherd value the life of a whale more than they value the life of a human.


starbird said...

You are a complete idiot. Go read about what they threw. It was methyl cellulose, food grade, and stink bombs. It was meant to make it difficult to chop whales into little pieces, if the poaching son's-of-bitches actually tried to kill and cut up another whale.

The yakusa is behind the money, not the people of Japan. This is all and only about money, nothing more. No one on this planet, including the whalers, believe you need 1000 dead whales to do research, and everyone on this planet knows this is commercial whaling because of a loophole that will be closed this June.

The Japanese are ILLEGALLY whaling, ENDANGERED species, in a SANCTUARY, violating the UN Charter and the Australian law that says they can't perpetrate their evil in the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone.

Go to the Sea Shepherd web site and read. All facts are verifiable. Sea Shepherd is protecting whales and in 30 years have never had a person or animal injured. They harass and annoy so whales won't die agonal deaths chocking on their own blood and sea water.

It works for me. It works for the whales. I love the whales and I love Sea Shepherd. Captain Watson puts his life on the line to protect The Great Whales every time he goes into the extremely dangerous waters.

Sea Shepherd is not comprised of thugs, but rather, compassionate, brave souls who know where their priorities are in this jaded world. I honor them all.

What do you do to protect the marine life that has been here for millions of years?

paikea said...

Hey this guys a joke, right? he's pulling my lareate, yeah? I bloody hope so, he cant possibly be for real! Otherwise he needs locking up! People who make judgements without studying up the facts, are bloody dangerous. I mean "I dont know anything about maritime law, but the Sea Shepherd people are thugs and terroists," Duh what a ignorant dick. Falling off a ship??? Has he ever been on one??? Nah, or else he wouldnt have said it. Damn Rednecks! Why do they have to be so stupid. Oh right cause they're rednecks. LOL. The vid was slightly entertaining, my son thought it was a hoot and lol heaps. But he didnt like the way he put on that speech impediment, he thought that was mean. Does anyone really think this slobbering idiot has the grey matter to look at the Sea Shepherd site? I doubt it. Go Starbird!!!

Aki said...

Thank you, PropagandaBuster.

Brainwashed people are repeating the mantra that butyric acid is a stink bomb. But the fact is that butyric acid is a harmful substance that can kill people. Its lethal dose (LD50) for acute dermal toxicity is 0.53 g/kg, that roughly means you can kill a man who weigh 70 kg by administering about 37 g (= 0.53 x 70) of butyric acid onto the skin. The amount of butyric acid that they threw to the Japanese ship was enough to kill more than 100 people. What Sea Shepherd did was nothing but terrorism.

J20080227 said...

starbird, "they can't perpetrate their evil in the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone."

That's assuming Antarctic Continent belongs to Australia. Rest of the world does not recognize such obscene territorial claim by Australians.

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samh said...

Thank you for this video

starbird said...

Yes, they do...

spandau said...

"Australia's claim to sovereignty over the Australian Antarctic Territory is recognised by the United Kingdom, New Zealand, France and Norway [2]. As Australia is part of the Antarctic Treaty System, which accommodates differences of opinions over the status of Antarctic territorial claims which pre-dated the 1959 Antarctic Treaty - effectively placing claims in abeyance - Australia only exercises its sovereignty in ways that in its view are consistent with good relations under the Antarctic Treaty. Australia signed the treaty on 23 June 1961."

From wikipedia
Only 4 other nations recognize.