Thursday, March 27, 2008

HOV lanes, un-America

HOV lanes (high occupancy vehicle) are being force upon Americans by bureaucrats in Washington DC who take a subway to work, who want to force behavior upon Americans. All vehicles should have access to all open lanes on our highways. We all pay road use taxes each year. So why should some vehicles be permitted to have access to highway lanes denied to others?

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HardTarget22 said...

I've watched a bunch of your videos so far and must admit I agree with you on quite a few issues. I'd have to disagree with you here though. I've done quite a bit of traveling and been on many roads with HOV lanes. I agree that they are an inconvenience at times, especially when you're not driving with a buddy. I find the 24/7 HOV lanes to be the most annoying, however, I do think they serve a purpose by encouraging more responsible use of resources.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a tree hugger and my home is not the bastion for the green society, but I do believe there is valid reasoning behind the lanes. Our roads are a resource just as much as, if not more so, the fuel wasted in high volume, slow speed traffic. Encouraging more profecient use of that resource is in everyones best interest compared to increased road widths to accomodate increases in traffic flow as well as the costs of construction and resultant traffic nightmare from said construction. HOV lanes may offer a a reasonable solution to roadway overcrowding.
As for passengers not paying for the use of that roadway or HOV lane, that's not necessarily so. I would imagine that a fair number of those passengers are in fact licensed drivers with some type of registered vehicle of their own. They are still using the road just in a different capacity. As for children or not licensed or registered drivers, they still pay for that road to some degree. With maybe the exception of toll roads (Ohio and NJ Turnpikes, etc.) most road construction, maintenance, and repair is subsidized in part or in whole by the federal gov't (a carrot they definitely wave in front of politicians faces when 'requesting' favors amongst each other for legislation) via everybody's tax dollars. I'm certain the cost of highway maintenance in this country exceeds the revenue generated by vehicle registration. This is all justified by the obvious benefit to the general public thru use of these road by the military, manufacturers, retailers, and licensed and non-licensed driver consumers. The spinster living in the NY who never learned to drive and walks to the corner grocery every day is justified in supporting that road network thru taxes since it wholely thru these roads that she is able to obtain the necessary goods and amenities required for healthy living (I picked a city dweller so the arguement for subsistance farming could not be made).
Therefore, as a collective, we have an obligation to pay for, use, and consume public roads in the most proficient manner possible by each individual. I believe HOV lanes help to serve that purpose.
Thanks for letting me ramble.