Sunday, February 10, 2008

Japanese whale hunt, Greenpeace, and Australia

The nation of Japan once again is the target of self-appointed elitist protestors who are nothing but round eye racist. There was a 1986 treaty signed by many nations limiting or placing a moratorium on whale hunting. Japan is accused of breaking that useless treaty to feed their people. Food for humans is paramount to any treaty aimed to limit the food of any nation. A ship (Arctic Sunrise) belonging to the radical conservationist group, Greenpeace rams into the Japanese whaling vessel (Nisshin Maru) and then blames the Japanese ship. Also the international insurance company located in London, the United Kingdom, Lloyds of London, accused the Japanese of ramming the Greenpeace ship. Seeing the photographs and video, clearly demonstrate that the Greenpeace ship here was the aggressor in purposely ramming the Japanese ship. However world opinion sided with Greenpeace. Proving once again the round eyes are the racist selecting an Asian nation to harass. Many nations have broken the treaty banning whale hunts, yet the leftist and socialist of the world select to condemn Japan. Is it because the Japanese are Asian? Is it because the Japanese have a strong democracy? It is because the Japanese are dedicated capitalist? Yep to all three, because the protesters are round eye racist socialist.


Unknown said...

You are no class middle aged man.
However, I am very glad for a tough friend to be in Texas.

If you come to Japan, I will buy you the steak of Kobe-beef.

jun said...

To dear "Samurai in Texas"

Nice to meet you, and the animation that you up-loaded is seen and writing me from Japan.
I wish to express our gratitude for your representing the thing that cannot be said even if the Japanese wants to say to them.
After the defeat, the Japanese was inculcated endurance.
However, nobody understood the endurance and we were painful.
Only your of the American having understood is reassuring and encourages it , saying that "Endurance connects the truth some time".

It comes to be worried , saying that "What shall we do if they give harm to you in Texas?" though
it is thought that it is a thing that not is.
Keep striking propaganda being take care of yourself in the future and destroy it.

Please test the steak source of the soy sauce base when you make the second shop in
your shop Japan.

- Because it relied on the translation software, English.. I'm sorry ..

jun said...
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atsuo said...

Hellow, I am very encouraged by your brave comments.

> Japan is accused of breaking that useless treaty to feed their people.

It is very complicated to explain, but, to tell the truth, Japan breaks no rules (and other whaling countries also).
Japan is doing so-called a research-whaling. The treaty signed in 1986 bans commercial whalings,
but research-whalings are legally permitted.
Actually, more than 80 papers have been published from Japanese research-whaling for these 20 years.
According to the convention of IWC (International Whaling Committee),
research by-products (whale meats) must be processed and sold under the Governments direction, (therefore we eat them). See the following Q&A.

Greenpeace and Australian Goverment blame Japan that Japanese research-whaling
is a "commercial whaling in disguise". But the photo taken by Australian Goverment vessel
shows that a young (small) whale is caught, and it is not economically efficient. (The number of whales Japanese fleet can take is determined in advance.)
So, that photo is an evidence of the fact that they choose whales by random sampling, one of research rules.

About 90-percent of the expense of research-whaling is made by selling whale meat, and 10-percent comes from the aid of national government.
So the Japanese research-whaling fleet feed people, and research for the future whaling.

Sorry, I am not good at speaking English. Anyhow, thank you for your warm and powerful encouragement.

Unknown said...

Propaganda Buster OYAJI Good Job!!!!
Thank you!

2F.seisounen said...

I discovered the just argument for the first time in the Internet surfing. I have always seen only discrimination ideologist's Japan bashing....

Does everyone know?
Most environmentalists are the profit-pursuing groups that make PROPAGANDA(lie) a commodity...

The people who dance.

Environmentalists that obtain a bundle of bills.

....Thank you Samurai in Texas.