Monday, February 18, 2008

Japan, Thank You

This video is concerning the reaction from my two videos on Japanese dolphin and whale hunting. The international thugs from Greenpeace continue to harass the Japanese, because the international thugs are also cowards. These cowards dare not interrfer with the Russian whaling ships, because the Russians already demonstrated their resolve. These Greenpeace thugs have not interfered with the Alaskan whale hunt as it is protected by the United States government and the United States Coast Guard. Recently there was a major beef recall in the USA due to mistreatment of ill cattle in a California slaughter house. Of which it could be said some of that cattle came from Texas. Where is Greenpeace protesting in Texas to stop sending their cattle to such slaughter houses? These international thugs are cowards to enter Texas. Texas has a law, called "the castle law." Meaning Texans can use deadly force in repelling and/or preventing thugs from enter a Texas home, business, or property if they feel their lives, property, and family are endangered.

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Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your post.
As a Japanese, I really appreciate your comments.
The claims of Japan in whaling are totally fair enough as a way of natural resources' sustainable utilization.

For your infomation, here are some claims of Japanese government in whaling:

Thanks again for understanding Mr.
God bless you America.