Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Recently Japan’s Diet passed the following legislation

Recently Japan’s Diet passed the following legislation:

“Act on Promotion of Public Understanding of Diversity of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”

Resulting in some headlines in Japan:

Japan Times, June 23, 2023 :

“New law to promote LGBTQ understanding takes effect in Japan”

Kyodo News, June 16, 2023:

Japan's Diet enacts legislation to promote LGBT understanding

Was this legislation necessary?  People in Japan respect the privacy of others.  So why?  It was necessary for the aggressive elements in the LGBTQ+ community.  Now the long march begins in Japan, as it happened in the USA.  It started by removing all laws aimed at making it illegal for same gender to have sexual relations.  Next laws prohibiting LGBTQ+ from teaching, were removed.  

Gays were then portrayed in movies and TV shows as being witty, and smart.  Never the bad person or criminal.  Those negative roles reserved for heterosexuals.  Then same sex marriage was legalized.  Now we have transgender erotically dancing to elementary school children.  If parents complain, law enforcement is called to stop parents complaining. 

Heterosexuals labeled as “breeders.”  Meant as a negative term, meaning only good for reproducing.  Such as breeders on dog farms.  Japan I urge watch closely what your children are being taught in schools.  In the USA they urge pubescent boys if you feel effeminate or you are a girl, expand upon it, go with your feelings.  Puberty is a prime time in a boys life to be pushed into homosexuality.      

In the USA there are laws prohibiting LGBTQ+ discrimination on the Federal, State, and local levels.  Although these laws are noble in their intent, they get used to promote the expansion of their agenda.  Feminize men, masculine women.  Look at our military, we have women squeezing into a man’s uniform, looking absolutely odd.  When the Class A uniform for women were feminine and attractive.  So why do they want to wear a man’s uniform?  Because while in school they are taught that to be accepted in a man’s world (whatever that is), they must dress and behave like men.  While imploring boys / men to suppress their masculinity by calling it “toxic masculinity.”     

Need proof their agenda has grabbed a hold on Japanese culture?  Look at your television dramas and movies, see BL – Boys Love movies expanding.  One time in your popular entertainment behaving like a man was promoted.  Now in recent years men in your dramas and movies are overly sensitive and do a lot of crying.  What happened to the Japanese Samurai?  

Be vigilant and watch you schools and what is being taught to your children.  The time of blind trust is over.  Like President Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.”                

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