Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Chicago Democrats vs Chicago Democrats

Chicago Democrats vs Chicago Democrats

Brighton Park, Chicago, a tumultuous town hall meeting.  The meeting was about the city building a tent city in Brighton Park to house Joe Biden’s illegal migrants.

Democrat Joe Biden erased the southern border.  Causing thousands of illegals to migrate to Democrat, sanctuary city of Chicago.  To provide housing for the illegal future Democrat voters, the city is building a large tent city in the Democrat neighborhood of Brighton Park.  The Democrat residents are furious over the Democrat city building that tent city.    

 In the 2020 Presidential election, Chicago voted for Democrat Joe Biden 82.53% over President Trump’s 15.83%.  Never mind while running for the 2020 election, Joe said he was going to eliminate the Southern border.

 As Thomas Jefferson is credited to have said and/or written:

“The government you elect, is the government you deserve.”

 The people got the government they elected and now they are complaining.  Worse part:  Come the next election the Democrat candidate will once again get over 80% of their vote.  

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NOTE:  Black ribbon on the United States flag is an expression of mourning for the death of the constitutional republic in the United States of America that happened on January 20th, 2021.     

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